Spreadsheet Data

Could you possibly provide the project files for the spreadsheet data you display in your YouTube video? That way I know how to put the correct scripts inside the spreadsheet cells.

First of all, welcome to the community! :hugs:

Did you mean the lower thirds controlled by an Apple Numbers document? You can use mine. It’s in the style of Achim’s document.

The look of my document:



  1. Add a lower thirds layer to your mimoLive document. You can skip this if you already got one.
  2. Click on the LT-Layer with the right mouse button (or on a particular variant)
  3. Copy API Endpoint to the clipboard
  4. Finally, paste it at the Numbers Document, where you see /api/v1/… (next to “API-CODE”)

Now, you’re ready to go. :blush:

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Ps: If you want to use this from another Mac, change “mimolive2:/” to http://<ip/hostname>:8989 Instead of ip/hostname use the ip or hostname of the computer in the network. If you use an API-Password-Key, add ?pwSHA256=<API-KEY> to your API-Endpoint.

A call with http:// leads to new browser windows/tabs. “mimolive2:/” as a protocol is only at the same computer than your mimoLive document available.

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Awesome thank you!

What if I wanted to feed in live data? Like an api url?
What I’m trying to do is get live weather alerts to cycle through a lower third from an api.

Is that doable?

You’re welcome.

I’m not sure what you exactly try to do. If you use predefined Script Variants, yes. Dynamic content from a web resource: it depends on, how you set up your JSON objects.

Automation is currently in the state of “proof of concept” and at the very beginning, to see the true power potential and to explore the amazing future save features.

Currently, a real if($variable) and some other handy possibilities are in discussion to get more dynamic into the feature list.

I’d suggest to see the Automation section to get inspired about the current features and to see also the crazy world of HTTP-API to explore the powerful world of Endpoints.

You could post an example document there with a description what you try to do. Who knows, maybe there is some kind of solution for it. :blush:

Yes, a /cycleThroughVariants and (since 5.10.1b3: /cycleThroughVariantsBackwards) is available.

See also the Command-list for the Automation Layer.

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this is very exciting. Thanks for sharing!

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currently experimenting with something simiilar. Parsing info out of an RSS and printing to a text file. Mimo will “re-read” the text file whenever there’s a change saved. I’ve used similar for dynamic NewsCrawls when a remote producer wants to update info.

Here’s a touch of the work I’ve done. It may inspire. Just haven’t had the time to flesh it out.



Go to URL

Load Zipcode
Click on Local Forecast Office

Run curl
Run cat


curl Basking Ridge, NJ weather forecast from rssWeather.com>nyweather.txt

cat the-result.json | jq “.properties.temperature.values[0].value”>temperature.txt

Why don’t you push it directly in a layer of mimoLive?

can you share an example of your thought?

Mimo accepts API calls. You can use curl:

See change value of a layer.