Solution to multiple layer sets

My typical show requires 30-40 layer variants. Putting them in the REMOTE CONTROL is super easy as you can drag all of the variants over in one move. However, all of my variants require the use of individual layer sets as multiple elements change in each variant. Any chance of grouping the layer sets in the same way that variants are “grouped” so the import into REMOTE CONTROL is made a bit easier? Also, any way that the last selected button in the button import column could remain in FOCUS so I can find where I left off during import? thanks in advance. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK.

…and as an option, any chance of selecting MULTIPLE buttons from the list to drag onto control surface? This would save an enormous amount of work.

At some point it does make sense to get in touch with automation. Maybe you can reduce this crazy amount of variants by rethinking your document from scratch:

appreciate the input JoPhi. However, these shows are “one-off’s” and automation doesn’t really make sense for these variants (although I do make great use of automation for other layers). Ideally a template that allows me to input the variants from WORD or TEXTEDIT and automatically display them on Remote Control would be the end goal.

Maybe something like this? You can modify this to push whatever into whatever. Even sizes, colors and much more. For this it would be necessary to not ignore the HTTP-API link from above.