Brainstorming: What features should every layer have?

Hi folks, as we start to think about the next generation of layers, I wonder what features you think each layer should have?

Getting us started:

  • in/out transitions
  • mask
  • default color scheme (getting primary, secondary, highlight color from a global document setting)
  • default font (getting font from a global document setting)
  • transparency

To be clear this is not a list of things we WILL implement. It is a list of things we could (and maybe should) implement.

That said, what other things do you wish every layer would have?


Hi, Oliver – maybe I’m dense, but this appears in a general forum section without reference to a specific Boinx application! I only use FotoMagico, so are you asking about layers in FM, or one of the other apps your company provides (mimoLive, iStopMotion, etc.)?

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Good point! I’m moving this to mimoLive. Thanks for paying attention! :slight_smile:

Hi Oliver.

Why not think of every layer as been modular. One base function. Then the ability to add any functionality required from a universal palette of layer functions.


:+1:t2: You’re more than welcome…

Be careful what you ask for! :slight_smile:

Love the idea of transitions in and out…I assume will include basic fade in / fade out but hopefully also able to use a source for stingers etc.

Would love to see layer groups for organization purposes (not to turn on and off using)


  • Icon (for layer…custom layer icons) - possibly different for live vs not
  • Colour (for layer background) - possibly different for live vs not
  • Collapse variations with… (allow multiple layers layer variation to be collapse simultaneously with other layers)
  • layer output (ability to send a layer, live or not, as an input to another layer…basically simplifying syphon sender)

Anything with video - would be nice to have a plug in style architecture on the layer, but failing that…:

  • Blend Mode (like photoshop, final cut etc)
  • Position (x,y,z - would love 3d space)
  • Rotation
  • Crop (could be done with mask, but simpler in many circumstances)
  • Animation between variations for the geometry stuff (think magic move in keynote)
  • Distort
  • zoom (general, x, y)
  • border/border color/thickness/tranparency(outside the layer, only visible if zoom less than 100%)

Anything with audio - would be nice to have a plug in style architecture on the layer, but failing that… :

  • volume
  • equalizer - two modes - general and ducking mode - general could modify for everthing, ducking would modify when trigger is active (allows for dropping of parts of music that would interfere with voice, rather than general volume lowering)
  • compressor
  • noise gate

@Kebbel Thank you very much for this impressive list. There are some very good ideas there.

That is exactly what I was wishing for… :wink:

Just thinking further about this… for the transitions should have a switch to only activate if visible… don’t want a stinger or other transition either taking performance away from the visible show, or if you enabled sources for transitions for stingers, don’t want the audio of that source playing when you just want to inactivate a hidden layer…

Also, I refer to it as plug in style architecture, but to be able to apply a filter to a layer like you can to a source. Filters could/should be both audio and video.

Also, being able to “save” a custom layer configuration or group of layers with alternate names, so you can re-use that configuration in the future, separate from the original, but available in the “+” … would also to be able to save specific media with the custom layer configuration… not sure how that would work, but I find myself recreating lower thirds, Station Logos, Sponsor Logos etc over and over (or opening an existing document and stripping a lot out and re-saving)

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Cool, @Kebbel ! And…

  • ignore-audio-processing-flag for layer with audio-processing (For me it’s much easier to have 10 audio-only layers, instead of handling all the ducking, but I have lots of “muted and empty” channels, which I have to handle at the mixes.Those who know my mixed-minus-setups are able to see my intension for this.)
  • effect-options for virtual setups, like “blur” below to aim deep sharpness, vignette “overlay”, to aim lights/control sight of the viewer.
  • opacity / multiply with background

off topic, but related:

  • for LayerSets: ForceON (skip transition/movement, in analogy to ForceOFF)
  • 2D-Presenter: Its a cool layer which would be - for sure - used much more if the glitch while cut (transition 0s) won’t be there. For me it is THE resource, when I have to include a dynamic amount of callers/call sources.

off topic, but extra related:

  • TABS: multiple documents in one instance of mimoLive should be able to share their PGMs internally, without submitting a prerendered result. (one frame delay should not be a problem.) Some kind of loop-back?
    *Additional File-Format to save Tab-Assets: To save the structure of the multiple opened files. .tvShowAsset
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I support kebbel 100%

we need some way to reduce noise in audio and to eq our audio for sure.

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Would love an option to copy/paste attributes from one layer to another.


Hello there, @Oliver_Boinx and everyone!

I found a few older threads that could also be considered:

Not all of them are specifically related to “layer features”, but, if the job it’s about to be done anyway, why not get dirty? :joy: hehhehheheheh

All the best!


Hi @Oliver_Boinx

here’s mine:

  • audio controls on MimoCall sources (compressor, gate/expanders, delay - it can be very useful especially when you remote guest with background noise)
  • add chat on Mimocall
  • any idea to implement a preview/program as mixer video touch?
  • Multiview as sources
  • Making multiview custom in terms of resizing windows

Don’t know how much of these can be done


Hi @tino Thanks for the feature suggestions.

  • audio controls on MimoCall sources (compressor, gate/expanders, delay - it can be very useful especially when you remote guest with background noise)

That’s indeed very desirable.

  • add chat on Mimocall

While it would be very convenient to have just one channel to communicate, getting this right would be a lot of work. Having a Whatsapp chat open with the callers is a quick and easy workaround.

  • any idea to implement a preview/program as mixer video touch?

We’ve made the conscious decision not to emulate the old analog preview/program switcher metaphor. It is very confusing to non-broadcast people. It also no longer adds big value because you can directly tap on the video in the multiview you want to switch to and the automation layers and remote control surfaces let you define exactly what should happen when you press a button.

  • Multiview as sources

This I don’t understand. The multiview lets you show any source, so why would you want the multiview as a source?

We think long term we want to turn the Switcher layer into a Meta-Source, so that you can use the output of the switcher more easily in other layers.

  • Making multiview custom in terms of resizing windows

Can you explain this in a bit more detail, please? Is there a specific layout you’re missing?

I’ve been begging for masking on every layer. Perhaps a FILTER or plug in might be possible.


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A couple other thoughts:

  • Ability to add a custom static “placeholder” image for any video input on any layer… this helps with layout during show creation and if you lose a camera feed or mimocall etc it will revert back to the placeholder. Also the ability to “switch” to the placeholder during the show. I’ve had mimocalls have their video go unusable due to network or other issues but the audio is fine, would love to (easily) substitute a static image of the caller and continue to use their audio.
  • Ability to “distort” any layer. Same as the current “source with distortion” but across all layers. Would be very useful to have the distortion able to “track” an image underneath (eg. by having specially designated color crosshairs or something. This can be done using the automation layer I suspect, but would be tedious. This would be very helpful for virtual sets etc.

Would be great if:

  • To have the duration of clips visible in the layer stack UI. Now only available in the LIVE icon when you play them. Not easy to quickly check durations while running a show
  • Ability to add countdown overlay for videoclips, so also producers can see them on the multiview when playing out
  • Being able to have multiple options for In/Out transition (push, wipe etc) for layers with custom made graphics

a. API-Signals for video sources with duration:

Play heads:
Play (1x/-1x), jog-wheel forward, jog-wheel backwards, start over, rewind/fast forward (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x) - Especial in need for last-recording-source.

b. user defined colors for the layers itself (GUI) and/or folders for layers.

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aaand: Media should be flipp-able (mirror/horizontal/vertical)


aaaaand, when a layer contains a media file, please implement a pause-on-start-layer pause-on-end function. Especially when I talk about the last recording feature. <3

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