Feature Request: Set default action for a new layer across layer sets

Hello everyone,

Inspired by @fermento’s awesome feature request (Feature Request: "Master style" option for layer and variants), I thought about one which would certainly be a strong contestant in the search for mimoLive’s biggest time saver feature of all times…

Right now, if I add a new layer to a mimoLive document, it defaults to “no action” across all existing layer sets.

However, sometimes I may want to change that to “Live”, “Off” or “Force Off” for all existing layer sets. This can be a great starting point, for example, if the new layer will be “Live” in a single layer set, but remain “Off” in all the other ones.

Right now, this needs to be done individually, and going through the process is far from a good experience. My primary mimoLive document currently has 30+ layer sets and 100+ layers – now, think about it: if I add a single layer to this document, I have to open each layer set and find the new layer on the list so that I can set its live state. :cry:

As much as it’s useful to be able to duplicate layer sets and also to update a layer set to reflect the current layer stack, it would be EPIC if I could right click on a layer on the layer stack and choose “Set live state for all layer sets → No Action | Live | Off | Force Off”, or maybe right click on a layer within any layer set and choose “Update all layer sets to reflect this live state”.

This feature would probably save more than 50% of the time I currently spend configuring mimoLive… :pray:

Praying to @Oliver_Boinx and @Achim_Boinx!

Best regards,


a great suggestion!
not only a time saver but also a better way of having options