Feature Request: "Master style" option for layer and variants

in my opinion it would be very helpful to have something like a “Master style” option in a layer.

Example scenario:
I am preparing 60+ lower thirds in a project. Of course the design has been tested and approved by the client so I now start to edit all the names and roles. Then the client wants to change the font, or a color, or something else, and I have to do it from scratch 60 times.

There should be a Layer Variant, or some button or anything, called like “Define as Master” in which I could tell Mimo that “all the settings in this layer have to be the Master”, then all the other variants in that layer should have something like “Apply Master style” or something.
So when I change something in the Master, the change is automatically reflected in realtime to all the variants.

Advanced option: a panel should appear when I click “Define as Master” and Mimo should ask “What parameters do you want to be considered for the Master?” So I could for example just activate the “background image” and the “font color” but NOT the “font style” or the “font size”.
And similarly, when I “Apply Master Style” to another layer or variant, Mimo should ask “What parameters from the Master do you want to apply?” and I can check the desired buttons.

@Oliver_Boinx Would it be possible? It would be a life saver to me.
The whole concept should/could be extended to many other layers and parameters.
Is there anything like this already in Mimo? I might have missed something…


That’s a great feature request! :clap::clap::clap:

Another option would be to add a menu item “apply to all layer variants” – I guess it’s self explanatory!
This could be implemented in a similar fashion to the API related menu items.
Also, it could be available not only for individual items (text fields, sliders, font settings, etc) but also for each setup section (geometry, transition, etc.).

Let’s hope our prayers be heard by @Oliver_Boinx and @Achim_Boinx ! :smiley:


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it would be awesome to have this, it will help designing and arranging so much!

@profgustavoreis applying to all layer variants would be amazing. More than once I’ve found myself deleting and copying a layer to manually do essentially what this type of functionality would achieve

I requested many months ago something similar. As with Photoshop, etc, a COPY/PASTE ATTRIBUTES would-be very helpful.

Great request. I second that.

Devs, is this being taken into consideration? :slight_smile:

Just change one and then send the values through API to the other layer variants. What do you think?

That’s a BANDAID to a BUG in the program!