Feature Request: a better organization of layers

when you have many many layers it can be a bit troublesome to find what you need.
also, I guess most of us like to organize our projects in the best way possible.
this is what I think could be a great improvement:

  1. COMPACT LAYERS: Similarly to the double click in a Source, the layer should be collapsible when I double click on it (not on its name for editing). It will take half the space, and we don’t need to have an icon for the layer when it’s compact, we will already read the name which is very useful. Also the LIVE button could simply be something very simple as a “PLAY” icon or something similar.

  2. COLORING/LABELING LAYERS: I would love to be able to give colors to layers, especially when they will be compact, so I can instantly recognize e.g. all the RED ones as my lowerthirds, all the BLUE ones as graphic backgrounds, and so on.

  3. GROUPING OF LAYERS: We already have the option to create a “Source Group” in the source list, this is great. What would be amazing is to have the same feature in the layer list as well! So I could create all the groups that I need, and the layers would be so much better organized! Additionally, the Layer Group itself could have some kind of interactivity applied (e.g. you could apply something to the whole Layer Group, or you could COLOR the group as in my suggestion above, or you could SCRIPT IT). We already have the amazing Layer Sets which are about the CONTENT and what they have to do… for the Layer Groups we’re talking about the way they are organized visually, just that.

I believe these points will greatly enrich the mimolive experience for us!


@fermento You and @profgustavoreis is really going in on this. I love the requests though :+1:

the more I use it the more I want it to be better! :slight_smile:


Same thing here. There are so much things ive done with Mimolive and found out that it is such a stellar work of art in its field.

I to want it to be better from sources and the option to accept more types of sources all the way through layers and attributes lke you guys are requesting through to the outputs. I think with mimolive (an improved one), a hell of a computer and alot of connected pieces of equipment… you can have your very own CNN Headquarters in your own studio.

Well Of course Boinx dont make people so ure gonna need that to.

Fellows @203 and @fermento, I’ve said that over and over again: mimoLive is unbeatable in its niche. Period! :facepunch:

And that’s exactly the reason why I sent countless reports, feature requests and updates over the past 10+ years to @Achim_Boinx and to the support team. I truly want to help them into making the best app even better!

P.S. I always think about “my own CNN headquarters” when I use the Split Screen layer with three or more participants and a beautiful overlay… hehhehhehheh :joy:


:joy: :joy: :joy: you have no idea how much i love this software, i have a few friends around the region (Caribbean) and everyone i show mimolive switched to it. @Oliver_Breidenbach & @Achim_Boinx THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!!

@profgustavoreis @fermento
Everything You see here is done with mimolive. EVERYTHING!!



There is soo much things i wish was easier because doing something like this took a very big team using mimolive, Mimocall, Mimo remotes (25 remotes) Alot of automation layers had to be used to make things change on screen to and omg it took me a long time to put it all together but it was the greatest broadcast anyone who worked on this project ever did.

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well done! mimolive has great potential

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Very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the great feature requests! Coloring of Layers is coming soon.

The Layer Variant system has been created to save space for layers. If you have layers of the same type with different settings that you don’t need to display at the same time, make a Layer Variant instead of a new layer. This can be collapsed using the disclosure triangle to the left of the first layer variant listed in the layer representation.


happy to hear that the color layers are coming!

I also love the Variant system but I still think to have “compact layers” would be equally useful for many other reasons.
The two solutions would complete each other in different ways, it’s not about which one is better than the other :slight_smile:
also curious what other users think as well

lastly, what about the GROUPING?