Problem. last two update stream sync issues!

There is a big issue with the last two updates of mimolive, 5.6b2 & 5.6.

As of 8 Hours from now i’ve witnessed all 8 live streams ive done through out today is out of sync (Audio & Video). It streams well at first then the video does a weird thing where it plays like the computer is under extreme load (laggy) then the out of sync is reflected on youtube & on Facebook. @Oliver_Breidenbach Can you guys please check that out? Please

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I had the same issue in our daily streams. Check it out, guys. Stars with a little delay, after some minutes, everything goes out of sync.

Having the same issue as detailed here: Program Output Video Delay

Is anyone else having this issue?,

Would it be advisable to go back to v5.5 until this gets resolved?

I’m looking to do weekly livestreams that are 75-90 mins long as well, and drifting synch would be an issue.


In my case it was happening in 5.5 as well.

Im having the same problem these entire 3 days!!.
Sync is awful. We need some help here!!!

I did a livestream tonight that ran about 75 minutes, used v5.6. I asked viewers to write me about picture and sound quality and if there was a synch issue. I heard from 4 or 5 people (this was an unlisted YT link) who said everything was fine, and one person who said the video was about 5 seconds behind the audio from start to finish. I watched the playback on YT right after the stream ended, and the synch is fine there.

Sharing this here in case it helps. Puzzling.


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I’m sorry that you experience this issue. We’re currently investigating, but it is a bit elusive as we haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce it.

As a workaround, I recommend you go back to a version where you didn’t experience the problem.

You could help us if you could send me the System Profiles of the computers you experience this on as outlined here:

If you experience crashes, please always send us the Crash Reports:

Thank you for your support and for your patience.

After switching back to 5.5 my streams are good and in sync again.

The problem happens on my Macbook pro and my brand new iMac pro.

I dont know why it happens but it streams well then my video will lag for a few seconds then BAM!! There goes the sync, and it will stay out of sync until I end the stream.

Thanks for letting us know. This info might help to track it down.

I Don’t know if this will help but here is an example.

At this point is where things start going WILD!!! from TIME: 18:35

Which email should we send it to? Thanks.

I did a live streaming on YouTube, in my personal channel. I used version 5.5. Everything was ok.

Indeed, we just experienced this today with Mac Geek Gab, got out of sync for a LONG while, unfortunately. I don’t think we had this problem yesterday streaming similarly for our Bitter Pill show, though, thank goodness! [Edit… I take that back. It did get out of sync with that, too… ugh…]

Can I roll back to 5.5 if I’m using mimoCall, though? I thought there was a problem with that now?

Hi Dave, I’m sorry that you experienced this issue. Important question: Is the audio behind the video or the other way round?

mimoCall is fixed and should also work on the older versions.

Thanks, Oliver!

I believe the audio was behind the video, yes. And my mimoCaller experienced this, too, at one point, where my audio was way delayed to him. It happened the moment i started the YouTube stream. I restarted mimoLive and it fixed it, but I guess I should’ve known it wasn’t completely fixed! :wink:

Rolled back to 5.4.1 from 5.6 and 5.5 and still experienced the audio/visual sync issues. Was streaming to YouTube via RTMP and Restream via RTMP to Facebook and Twitch.

About 20-30 mins in, audio went out of sync with the video and stayed that way for the rest of the show on both YouTube and the destinations via RTMP. Audio behind the video.

I’d hate to even bring this up but could this possibly be because of the YouTube comments fix? This delay has only happened on my end since the comments YouTube Comments have returned to the show.

I follow. I had sync problems o my tonight stream. That’s bad. :

I rolled back to 5.5 and did a ~90 minute test stream yesterday to Facebook, and the video stayed perfectly in sync the entire time. We’ve got a public stream coming up this afternoon (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, I believe) so I’m hoping it truly is a 5.6-related issue and all works as desired today!

Hi guys! i have the feeling the problem is going worst and worst. And unfortunately i cannot roll back to 5.5 because of another bug that make the software crash too often!
I think i found that when the system “does something”, the software “stops” for a little white and …bam…the out of sync start. So every operation makes the out of sync worst. I don’t know if this may help you.

Any idea of when it will be fixed?
I’m available to talk to you guys if i can help in replicating them. It happens all the time to me.

Thank you so much,