Problem. last two update stream sync issues!

I’m having this issue to

Hi @Judah_Peters. Thank you for using mimoLive and for the feedback. We are sorry to hear and see that you are experiencing quality issues. We are aware of the issue. Please try to use the older version 5.5.

@DaveTheNerd @bandian we have found the changes which were done from 5.5. to 5.6.X which might caused the audio issues. We are planing to release gradual beta versions which should fix and improve audio handling (the bug fix version first). We have repaired some audio issues in the current 5.6.1b1 in mimoCall as we were debugging.

The greatest issue for us is currently to reliably reproduce the issue. I have tested several versions on Catalina and Mojave and could not get the audio out of sync. In my test cases all machines are 2017+.
We found one machine on which we can reproduce the issue and are working on a bug fix.

Awesome. We were on a 2019 8-core i9 iMac in the studio when it happened (consistently) for us. The same machine on 5.5 has exhibited no issues (thank goodness! :slight_smile:

Mladen, we experiences the audio issue, for us only a few secs, as we had some CPU load on mimoLive during our stream as we selected some splitview previews. In activity monitor we see, that also previews generate a lot of load on the CPU, but we think, previews should run on low priority anyways.

@RedDev @ToasterBoy @bandian @undercrank @DaveTheNerd

Could you please try this new beta version to see if the audio delay is fixed for you?

I’d love to, but i cannot download it :slight_smile:
Page not found :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks so much for working on this!


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Will do some extensive testing on monday with real streaming and some heavy load on the systems. Will come back then. It would be usefull if you can give us some more details what was fixed and why this happened.

@undercrank your project is amazing. As a silent movie fan, you have one more follower <3

@Oliver_Boinx I tested it today and it looks perfect. I’ll do another havier test in the next day.
Thank you so much.


@bandian Thanks for your kind words about the show.

Sorry my “i’ll test the beta” reply got folded in to @RedDev’s post, but it was supposed to be in reply to @Oliver_Boinx request to test the beta. I will test the beta tonight or tomorrow and will post here. Glad to hear the audio hiccup may be fixed, and glad to be of some help if I can.

@Oliver_Boinx - I just tested 5.6.1b2 with a mimoCall. We did not hear an echo or audio repeat. However, after a few minutes the mimoCall froze and my friend could not reconnect; I was unable to reconnect from the gear icon on the mimoCall source. The mimoLive Remote that I was using also disconnected. I saved my work, and quit mimoLive 5.6.1b2 beta. The beta would not re-launch. Version 5.4.1 also would not relaunch. I had to reboot the MBP.

After I rebooted I did not want to go back to 5.6.1b2, but was able to successfully launch 5.4.1.

2017 MBP running Mojave.

I had the issue on 5.6 but it seems to be fixed on 5.6.1b2 (did a 1-minute test with local recording vs streaming). Our audio yesterday went bad with a lot of delay (almost 10-15 seconds).

We will do extensive test in the week!

I just tested 5.6.1b2 with a private test stream here and it worked, staying in sync for the duration of a 25 minute live stream to Facebook. I did NOT have a mimoCall happening with it this time, but will test that again later this week.

Heavily tested. Perfectly in sync all time long. Good job guys!
thank you

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Thanks for testing! Glad to hear it works.

I’m sorry to Muddy the waters, I moved to Version 5.6.1b2 to try and fix a different issue, this then caused an audio delay today. When I switched back to 5.6.1 I did not experience any delay.


Running 5.4.1 on Mojave. Last week everything was fine on my livestream which uses two mimoCalls. However during yesterday’s stream one of the calls went out of synch. Just one of them. So my friend and I are in a split-screen, and he’s in synch and I’m out of synch by about a second.

@Oliver_Boinx (or anyone who’s been able to resolve this during a stream), remind me…is the remedy for this to click the gear icon in the mimoCall source and refresh the call’s connection?



Initiaing a “Reconnect to peer” resets the connection and will lead to a refresh in the sync. But if there is a structural reason (like network troubles) that lead to the mimoCall going out of sync, the problem might return.

Okay, thanks @Oliver_Boinx. I am assuming my scenario was not network issues since only one out of the twovmimoCalls had synch issues.

So far 5.4.1 is working fine for me.