BUG: slideshow layer – many problems

if you load a folder for the slideshow, there’s some big problems:

  1. The start of the slideshow is not smooth, but “glitchy”
  2. In the dissolve at the start, I can definitely see the default “background color” (which is black) resulting in an unpleasant cross-dissolve
  3. If you change that background color (hoping at least to match the graphic), the new color is going “overlayed” or in some additive mode over the graphics. I don’t think it should be like this.

at the moment, the slideshow is almost unusable if you need to show the start of it…

Here a Z-pattern-Demo:

Hit Start at the LayerSets to see what happens.

(z-pattern: zig zag)

About the glitch: Is the source placed in a MultiView? Please let me know, if this let the glitch vanish.

source: slideshow from the source menu
layer: placer
what is the multiview layer? I can’t find it in the list

It’s not a layer. It is a view inside of mimoLive to keep sources “alive”.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-24 um 22.29.20

It’s the left Button at the top right corner of the main program window.

Something like this appears afterwards:

When you click on “Placeholder A”, you can add your Source that should be kept alive. At the settings wheel you can modify the look of your MultiView.

BTW, you’re able to keep up to 16 sources alive. Unused sources are switched completely off by mimoLive, to save performance. But when something does not run snappy, most of the time the reason is that mimoLive has to reactivate a source first.

ok if I understand correctly:
I opened the multiview, then in the placeholder A I selected the same “slideshow source” that I use in one my normal layers.
Then I make it “LIVE”.
the glitch is still present…
was it correct what I did?

Could you please record a video? I cannot imagine the glitch. Please post a screenshot from your settings of the slide show. And please answer this question: Which input-format does the first picture have?

I never thought about the Multiview for this.
In one instance I was having some choppy performance with a webcam that I use to quickly make myself appear over the PGM when demoing to the client…
and Achim suggested to keep another placer with the same webcam source “ghosted” scaled and offset out of the view, but that would have kept the source “alive”… and it did the trick.

Yes, that’s a similar concept. A while ago/I think a bit afterwards, the MultiView was introduced and did the job.

By the way: There is a new beta: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/5.10.1b3

You could also try it with this. At least PIP-window-animations seems to be snappier than before. :slight_smile:

I usually use 5-6 files, but I’m testing now with just 2 png files, both of them are 1920x1080.
Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 22.42.30

in this case I have a white background as the base layer, then on top I have the placer layer with the slideshow.
the “glitch” appears to have the same “medium” color as the main graphic file.
If I switch graphic I will see the glitch with another color…

Weird. Thank you for the video. Seems to be that while the transition both images are faded into each one another. Why do you use dissolve at the placer layer? Eventually because you want to have the first image faded in.

What happens when you use this Background-Color? (Black + slider of opacity to 0%

And set your own Background as a Layer.

I also tried it: I cannot get rid of the phenomenon. Except I switch on “once”, then the flicker of the first image vanishes. So I can confirm the phenomenon. With the transparency we can see what’s happening.

@fermento ,
I saw that the Slideshow-Layer does not have this issue. Use it instead of the source.

thank you @JoPhi, unfortunately I can’t solve this issue with any of your suggestions.
If I try with black bg and 0% opacity, still glitching.
also if I use the slideshow layer, still the same issue, and furthermore I can’t have an initial cross dissolve (only a cut).
so big problem for me right now…

Use Z-pattern switching. Did you see the demo?

Simply add as many variants you need (on both layers).

BTW, I described this phenomenon you explored directly to Boinx’s dev-team. I’m sure that they’ll have a look on it. :hugs:

yes I tried the demo, I think I now understand how it works.
I had to reassign the placeholders.
so you’re saying the trick is that they’re playing in an alternate way between the two Placers?
I have to say that it works indeed with the transition, but it seems a bit complicated especially the automation layer…
and lastly, when I click LIVE on the layer set it will take many seconds before showing the first image… is it normal?

thanks, fingers crossed!
anyway, this bug wasn’t present in v5.8, I think only in 5.10

just take the sleep(4) command at the beginning to the end of the script. :slight_smile:

doesn’t work anymore, I broke it :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: