Where are the changelogs?

I’d like to be able to refer back to them, but can’t find them on the website

The changelogs DO show up when a new update is ready to be installed, but finding them in one place has been a mystery. You can do a SCREEN CAPTURE of the change log window BEFORE you actually perform the update – but having a place to go to find them would be preferred.

Well… there:

Those are for v5 and I had found them. But we are talking about v6b!

How many beta-versions did you get?
Technically it does not make sense to have a changlog between beta-versions. There is no initial release, so why. If you want to bug track, I think @Oliver_Boinx started this thread:

Welcome to the FotoMagico 6 Beta (Current B15, may change.)

I’ve been testing 6.0b5 through 6.0b15 (which as I just posted, wants to crash consistently when trying to creating a new file or working with various aspects on an existing file).