Welcome to the FotoMagico 6 Beta

Thank you very much for your interest in the FotoMagico 6 Beta for the Mac.

Use this forum for reporting any issues and letting us know your thoughts. Feature requests are very welcome.

Be nice to each other and let’s this community get going!

You can download the beta from https://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico6/versionhistory/latestbeta
(FotoMagico 6 requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer)

Please feel free to invite your friends to join as well.

Please note: The beta version of FotoMagico 6 still contains an unknown amount of bugs. It is not guaranteed that slideshows created with the beta version will still work when the final version is released (although that is certainly the goal). We recommend to make a copy of your existing slideshow if you want to edit it in FotoMagico 6 beta. New versions of FotoMagico 6 beta are constantly released and available through the in-app updates. When FotoMagico 6 final becomes available, a new license will be required for it to be used. Prices and conditions for this license are not yet finalised.

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Hi Oliver, please send me a link to access to the FotoMagico 6 Beta

Beste Regards, Willy

Hello Oliver,
Try to download the Betaversion.
Due to the fact that I am using OS 10.13. it is not possible to follow up with further improvements or next generation of fotomagico.
Since Catalina is the first 64 bit Version it is not possible to use ADOBE Photoshop 6.0 furthermore on new OS.
Photoshop ist a must, to creat a perfect slideshow. This is the reason I stick on Mojave as latest version, to keep all neccessary tools without the monthly payment sytem ADOBE is confrontating their clients. Most of us are amateurs.
The user has to chance a lot of familiar programs in order to be up to date with the OS of apple.
I am using fotomagico for a couple of years and have had appriciated the improvements during the years very much.
Please consider, most of your clients will follow up with upgrades, may pay addotionally for a new generation of a piece of software.
But these guys will stock to load your software because they snag due to getting on in years equipment or OS.
Are you planning to make fotomagico 6 also useable for older OS?

With Kind Regards

Hi Oliver, joined the beta test team - first steps running well, environment provides intuitive look n’ feel. Will keep you posted. Best regards, Gerhard

03/17th FM 6 ver 6.0b13: Tested a range of slide shows created with my FM 5 version, facing no problems so far. Just had to replace the old FM 5 intros by the FM 6 provided one, since the FM 5 versions may not work. mov.files generated by FM 6 are running now smoothly (they stutter in a Big Sur environment using FM 5), but embedded videos enter into a black screen (sound is fine), movie will continue with jpeg’s following a video correctly

FotoMagico 6 is is based on SwiftUI, which was introduced in macOS Catalina - for that reason we cannot make FM6 run on earlier version of the OS - sorry…