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What, no recognition of customer loyalty? The full price is just not worth the modest upgrades provided. And so yet another customer says goodbye!

Not sure if my comment went through. This upgrade price is quite steep, especially for someone who has been using your product for many years.

Do you really think that customers are going to swallow that logic? You lowered the price for everyone so that the people who have stuck with you through the years could pay the same full price? There are many companies that sell their software through the App Store and also give loyal customers upgrade discount. FWIW, I might have paid $ 50 to upgrade to latest version. But, I will not be buying your product. It is also a matter of principle. And please don’t insult your customers by trying to sell the idea that it is for a better user experience!

Reminds me of the Netflix decision that resulted in severe customer response.

Been using this product since v1 (and a Pro user since v2). A $99 “upgrade” is pretty steep. Not eager to upgrade to v4.

The history of the software industry is littered with companies that underestimated the importance of providing an upgrade path as a way of retaining the loyalty and goodwill of their existing customers. Using the Appstore as a justification is simply a copout. I will continue to use v3 until it is obsolete or no longer runs well on my hardware, and at that time I will look for an alternative. I wish you all the best.

What about people who bought a multi-user version of v3?? Very expensive!

No discount for loyal customers?! What incentive is there to upgrade? I’ve been a customer since the 1.0 days, and this kind of greed infuriates me. What about people that helped you grow your business to the point that it is? I’ll stick with 3 thank you…

I think this is a disgraceful way to treat loyal customers. I’ll be continuing to use Fotomagico 3 until it’s no longer useful, or until I find an alternative. I will not be screwed by Boinx to ‘upgrade’.

Wow. What a lost opportunity. Alienate users. This ‘upgrade’ is nothing more than an unmitigated greed grab. Now there is a smart move. Had to register here just to add my total indignation for Boinx’s bonkers decision to crap all over loyal users. And what incredibly dumb logic indeed. I echo others here…sticking with v3 until Boinx either comes to its senses, v3 stops being useful and is replaced by a superior option, or ceases to function with my current OS version and hardware. Bye Boinx!

I also agree with macatak and the others here. Been loyal to FotoMagico since 1.0. What you´re doing now is a scam! Will stick with 3 until Boinx comes around or it will stop working. Then it´s time to look elsewhere…Thank´s for this time Boinx and good luck trying to hold on to you old and loyal customers. Not a smart move…

Quite a significant proportion of your long-term supporter / purchasers seem to be upset by this decision to have no upgrade process. I’m afraid I will join them and find another alternative to FotoMagico. Likewise I will advise my hundreds of college students to do likewise. Your behaviour is an insult to the longtime supporters (I’ve been using FotoMagico since version 1). Shame on you!

Had to register to comment and I am not happy with the way long time users are being treated. I’ve been using a FotoMagico since version 2 and I have a pro license. I doubt if I ever upgrade to 4.

Some of the new features have been around for quite awhile with other slideshows software programs, but I stick with you and this is what I got for being a loyal customer, shame on you, NO! to version 4

I suggest that you change your mind quickly, because your rationale is absurd. What user benefits by the ‘consistent experience’? A user will buy through (only) one channel; the consistency you seek is from your point of view.

Downright absurd!!! I STRONGLY suggest you reconsider your current stance and provide loyal customers with a fair and appropriate upgrade path!!!

I have been your loyal customer, but $ 99 for a simple update I will not pay, sorry. Piracy - it’s bad, but … you’re forcing me.

What a load of nonsense, I will now try other program’s that are more loyal to long standing customers

Thanks but no thanks… I’ll be moving on after being a long time user since the early days of Photomagico.