Two problems with web browser capture (updated)

Hi guys, i’m here for a couple of problems with WEB BROWSER.
I’m trying to import twitch alert on mimolive via web-browser and it works but:
1- No audio. If i open the alert link in a normal browser, it perfectly works, with audio. Not in the mimolive browser. Any idea?
2- The alert doesn’t disappear. On a normal browser, the alert comes, stays a couple of seconds and then disappear. In mimolive browser, it doesn’t happen. I’d like to point out that i have a different alert too where there is a crawling text and mimolive shows it in its web browser as still. Can it be linked?

Thank you for your help,

Hi there, @bandian, how are you?

Quick suggestion: try using OBS + a browser source + the NDI plugin. Set it to the same resolution of your mimoLive document and don’t forget to go to Tools → NDI Output Settings to activate the plugin.

(Tip from experience: activate the “Preview Output”, not the “Main” one. More details to follow!)

You will be able to add this as an NDI source to mimoLive, and it will behave as a transparent browser source. Animations run smoothly, and there is audio!

P.S. The reason I don’t use the “Main Output” from the NDI plugin is because, when I tried, I got a black background instead of a transparent one – but it worked immediately when I switched to the “Preview Output”.

Hope this helps! Best regards,

Hi, everything is fine here, thank you! Hope you too!

I’m not sure i get it. You are suggesting to use OBS as a source for MIMOLIVE o MIMOLIVE as a source for OBS (or nothing of these)?

But i’m afraid that mimolive + OBS will kill my system. I was using mimolive to OBS just to add the twitch alert but this was killing the performance of my system and that’s why i’m trying to NOT use obs and put the notification (via web source) directly in Mimolive.

Waiting for yours,
thank you so much

Hello again!

My suggestion was for you to use a very basic OBS document, with a single scene and a single browser source, and then have the NDI plugin send its preview to mimoLive:


Since you won’t be using OBS to stream, record or use a virtual camera, my guess is that this won’t hurt your system too badly – but, of course, this will depend on your Mac’s specs!


Thank you, unfortunately i’m doing all this to avoid keep opened both OBS and mimolive together.
Anyway, has my issue to deal with mimolive internal browser? Is it based on safari?
Thank you,

Hi @bandian The mimoLive Web Browser Capture source is using Safari. Unfortunately, the macOS API does not provide access to audio. We’re investigating if we can easily migrate to Chromium Embedded Framework, however, that will add significant size to mimoLive.

Profgustavo, a question.
I follower your suggestion and it works kind of well.
But i have an issue.
THe color of the animation are not displayed correctingly.
The green became black.
Any idea? Did you experienced the same? Thank you,

Hello again, @bandian, and sorry about the delay!

I haven’t experienced any visual glitches, but my alerts were not very colorful (I ended up not putting them into production and chose to create my own, custom alerts within mimoLive using IFTTT and Keyboard Maestro).

My wild guess is that maybe you can look into the “Custom CSS” field in OBS’s browser source in order to make it look better.

Best regards,