Browser Audio Source

Hello- I’m looking to switch from Streamlabs OBS as mimoLive seems to handle my camera input better.
One thing I’m trying to replicate is notifications from Streamlabs Alert boxes.
I was able to add a browser source and it does play the animation I set at, but there is no sound.
I checked in OBS (on my Mac) and with the web browser source, it automatically includes a matching browser audio source.

Is there a way to do this in mimo? I’m pretty new to this, so I could be missing something simple.

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Hello there, @mike.harness,

Check out this recent thread:

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Thank you @profgustavoreis! I did search, but definitely did not find that post.

I was able to get this to work exactly as you described. The only problem I had was initially I was using Streamlabs OBS and no where does the NDI output plugin show up.
Once I downloaded the “regular” OBS, I had the Tools menu and NDI output options.

While I’d love for mimoLive to switch to Chromium for the browser, this will work for now. I’ve also used OBS to stream a browser and interact with it.

Thanks again!