The director has to go to the toilet... what then?

Hello friends,
sometimes we need automatic switching for a while. Or if we do a one-man or one-girl show, we need sequences of switching everything automatically, by time or other options. This demo is the first step to do so:

This will need at least #mimoLive V5.10.1b2.

A sequence-sequencer-script: :upside_down_face:

The Automation Layer “Sequence” is executing what ever should be seen on screen. LayerSets / ins and outs. Or audio layers…

The other scripts are providing global variables and/or some options.

Get The demo:
Please read the notice about it inside of the Annotation Layer.

The CycleThroughSequenceSpeed-Script is just for demonstration. Please manage the time relevant parts inside of “Sequence”. Also the handling of the direction.

If you have any questions/suggestions about this or plans to use, please do not hesitate to comment. :slight_smile: