Text layer with fixed amount of characters

Hi all,

Who knows if it is possible within MimoLive to add a text layer with a fixed amount of characters?

Use case: We have a monitor in our studio and the producer wants to write down questions for the presenter via the Remote Control (webinterface). But currently, we can’t set a maximum amount of characters on the Static Text layer , which means sometimes sentences are too long and not visible to the presenter. Being able to limit the amount to xx characters, the producer will not have this issue while editing the text field and will know in advance the amount of characters is too much.

Any thoughts? Maybe our Mimolive master @JoPhi ? :wink:



Currently not, at least not with web control. Does it have to be web control?
With Apple Numbers or MS Excel or Libre Office, you could add a character-counter to the content. Similar to here, you could adopt this to run as intended:

Spreadsheet Data

Would this be a way?


Yes, webcontrol would be the best way, as people are using both windows and mac. A restriction to the input field would be nice. I’ve looked at your suggestion, but it sounds a bit to complicated for the (simple) task I’m looking for. Thanks for the tip! Until it’s something we can limit in Mimo, I’ll tell them they have to be sure the producers use a limited amount of characters :wink:

Well, unfortunately there are currently no max-length options or auto-adjusments in mimoLive or the web control available. However, with the help of the API and office software all of this is doable. Even auto adjust.

Currently, I add wheels to the new version of mimoURLscripter, which should allow to slide every value, even with midi2url-mapping. The auto-adjust thing for text content is a cool suggestion for a function. I will do some experiments. It should work like this:

A text is edited. Afterwards a single script line should auto-adjust it.

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