Table Layer Bug?

Hi Guys, when i modify a table layer content the software freezes and i need to force exit. Is something you ever experienced yet?
Thank you so much,

Hi @bandian,

thanks for contacting us and sorry to hear that you have a problem with a mimoLive layer.

Can you please provide us with more details: What is your macOS version? Which version of mimoLive are you using? Is this reproducible in an otherwise clean document?
Can you please also send us your document and a short screen recording of how to reproduce the problem (Quicktime Player can do that) to and request it to be forwarded to Stefan or Achim?

We would appreciate your support in solving this problem.


I’ll try to do my best :slight_smile:
I’m running on High Sierra 10.13.6 MimoLive 4.4.1.
I created a table with some rows with these features and with this result

I created a cleaned document to reproduce the bug and I had a video while i reproduce the bug. You can see it here
The only thing it didn’t record is the mouse pointer became the awful “BEACH BALL OF DEATH” at second 7, when i was trying to update the value to “137”, but i wasn’t able to put the “7” in because the software freezed and i needed to force an exit.

THank you so much, for your quick help.

Thanks for your response and the provided information.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the hang on our systems. Could you please provide a process sample created via

Activity Monitor -> “mimoLive” -> Cog Wheel -> “Sample Process”

while mimoLive hangs? You can upload the text contents to

Your help is much appreciated.


Here we are.

@bandian Thanks for providing the log. I checked it and it turns out that mimoLive get stuck while processing graphics using libraries from the macOS System. In theory this shouldn’t be depending on the Table layer. Can you confirm that this hang also happens when entering data in different text fields of different layers?

No, actually the software seems to hang in many different situations. And it is very annoying. Because for me it’s very hard to work with a software that hangs so often. And my macbook pro is quite new (two months old). Any suggestion?

Sorry i missed the question. Actually not, the hang doesn’t seem to happen when entering text on different layers. (like STATIC TEXT, for example).

I can add a detail to help. After a while waiting the system to end the hang-out, the software stops to hang, but now the program output is freezed and if i click “live” on a layer it get red, but nothing happens. When i click again “live” to put the layer off line it turns ORANGE and remains like that. It need a double click to turn the orange gray again.

And i notice that the “preview” little screen disappeared from his column.

Any idea? Please, i need to fix this as soon as i can.
Thank you in advance, bandian

@bandian We saw hangs with 10.14 Mojave and it looks like Apple have fixed those hangs for the next macOS release 10.14.1 However you are running mimoLive on 10.13.6 and we didn’t see any hang problems here yet. Please can you downgrade to mimoLive 4.4 (or even further) and see if the issue still persist? (You can download older versions here:

Yes it persists.
I don’t know if this may help you but i discovered that i can update the text-area in this way without hangs. Modify the table on a Textedit file, then copy all the text and past it in the textarea. This will not hang the software.

In other words, if i do small changes it hangs, if i past a whole new thing over it, it does not.

Then it maybe the rendering of the text in the table itself. In your screen recording I can see that you are using custom fonts that are not shipped with macOS. Does it break with out of the box fonts too?

Yes it does :frowning:

No ideas? :\

@bandian Can you please send us the test document you used to produce the demo video?

Sure! Where?

@bandian Thank you in advance! Please send the file to

We can confirm this issue on a late 2013 MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6 and mimoLive 4.4.1. Program would reliably hang as described above when editing tables. Even did so when attempting to change font size. Tried again with a blank document and still experienced hang. Downgraded to mimoLive 4.3 and did not have any problems.

Update. I installed Mojave and the problem is still there. :\

@bandian I’m sorry to hear that. Engineering is quite baffled by this unique behaviour and we’re not able to recreate this on our computers. Do you have any tool installed that could interfere with entering text? Like TextExpander, Typinator or Keyboard Maestro? Can you please save a System Profile and send it to us? (Go to About This Mac, click on “System Report” and choose “Save…” from the menu. Send that file to Thank you for your patience.