Table Layer Bug?

@bandian @alternativeplan We released a new beta version 4.5b2 yesterday. Please can you test it and give feedback? Thanks in advanced!

It looks solved! Great!

Buuuuuut… The software now is ok with the “test” file i sent you, but it can’t open my main project. It hangs on “Loading document media” and it really slow down all the system. :\ Damn!

Any idea? I’m working on mojave (latest version) and mimoLive (last beta version).
Still Hanging after half hour even if my system manager does not say “Not responding”.

This is so weird…

Please, help me!

The older version is still opening the project, thank’s god!

@bandian Please can you provide us the document that won’t load so we can have a look? Send it to me directly if you don’t want to share it here. Thanks!


@bandian Thanks for providing the document. We were able to find the bug and will release a new beta version for mimoLive soon which will contain the fix. :slight_smile:

That’s amazing :slight_smile:

One of the best client service ever! And since i’m here, i’ve a new post about green screen hangs. Can you help me with that too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you,