Producer talkback to MimoCall

Ok. This is very exciting. I’m a video/livestreaming professional and this software is going to be great!!!

Is there a way for me to talk to my mimoCallers without my audio getting on the broadcast? Like an IFB or talkback?

Not at present, but I believe an upcoming release will have the ability to send custom audio mixes to a mimoCaller, which could allow this.

The main thing that will bother me with this is that, at present, in order to send a producer mic to a caller, it has to be Live in the layer stack with the volume turned all the way down. Then in the aux mix you need to do a manual mix to get the volume up. Problem with this is that you now don’t get any level changes during the show, as the aux mix is fixed.

Currently, one can mute an audio channel in an aux mix. It would be great if it was also possible to force on layers that are not live in the stack; or even not in a layer at all, just in a source.


Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I don’t see where you can route anything other than program to the mimoCallers. How is this done?

Hi @John_Mortensen I have a partial solution for you, and it might prompt someone to figure out a full solution.

There’s both Source input and Layer support for the Syphon framework which is a clever, low latency, low overhead way of transferring video from one application to another, or within the same app routing video. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have sound, but you could use it to pass text messages, LIVE tally light or whatever.

Apparently the audio routed to mimiCallers is “N-1” meaning “all tracks” (in the program mix?!) except their track (to avoid that horrible 0.5 second delay of your own voice when speaking).

To set up syphon add a Syphon Source, you can give it a channel name like I have in the picture below.

Then in the mimoCall source, you can change the video feed from the default “Program Output” to the new Syphon source. If you have multiple callers you can set multiple Syphon layers. Syphon works by sending everything “visible” or live below it (and no layers above it are transmitted by it). So if you have opaque layers between Syphon layers they will be discretely seen only by intended recipients. It’s a lot of stuffing around, but best I can think of.

I believe Achim and Oliver mentioned routing independent audio sub-mixes is planned for a future release of mimoLive.