Participate in the BoinxTV 2 Beta

The BoinxTV 2 Beta phase is in full swing and you can take part. Please sign up for the beta program at

Please note that it might take a while to be added to the beta program.

What’s new in 2.0?

Here are just the highlights of the many things new in BoinxTV 2:

  • Built in live streaming to any RTMP-based streaming service (including Wowza, YouTube, and more)
  • Integrate with your workflow using SDI playout including an alpha channel
  • Direct manipulation in layers, to directly adjust all visual elements
  • Frosted glass effects in many layers
  • Modern 64-Bit architecture, so BoinxTV can now use all the RAM available
  • All new user interface
  • Powered by unicorns.

Known Issues

  • Movie playback doesn’t work yet, we’ll add this in an upcoming beta.
  • Audio sources were disabled for the moment, please use a video source that contains no camera and only an audio device as a replacement for now.
  • Audio-only layers were disabled for the moment, please use a placer layer with the before mentioned ‘Audio only video source’.
  • Blackmagic Design devices don’t support audio input yet.
  • Filtering sources (including chroma keying), doesn’t work yet.
  • There is a lot of unpolished UI. You have been warned.



it would be nice to have a feature that record separate video and audio sources
and can be then used for postproduction.

Can you specify what you mean exactly?

Bastian…fairly prolific with the original BOINXTV. Trying to do a newscrawl now and I get the background bar but no text. Even when I set background to NONE, there is no text. Tried URL and TEXT.

The newscrawl doesn’t work in the current beta. It will be fixed in b2.

Hi Bastian
Can use Blackmagic ultra studio mini monitor for keying on SDI? i can see it in the playback tab but these no preset.

What signal do you want to key? What are you trying to achieve?

Hi bastian
I would like to know if i can use boinx signal on sdi ouput as downstream key alpha channel ? like a CG and apply on my switcher.
(Excuse my bad english)

Yes, you can. If you have e.g. an ultrastudio 4K or 4K Extreme you can output both a Fill and a Key Signal using two SDI Channels. Then these can be used in a downstream keyer.

Thank you Bastian i’ll try this

Following up on the previous question: Would it be possible to use two Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Monitors to output one Fill and one Key signal? (instead of a “big/expensive” ultrastudio 4K/extreme).

@evero No. For this we need synchronized clocks. Two monitors cant be synced on a frame basis. This could (and likely will) end up in the key signal being off one or two frames compared to the fill signal. This then results in black borders. A Ultrastudio 4K has two SDI outs that are synced over the same clock.

Is anybody else finding that BoinxTV 2.0 is crashing quite often? It usually happens when I am changing the settings in a layer. It also happened when I was shutting off the autorecord options.

@fromtheabbey What version were you running? We get all the crash logs. This is the reason why we are running this beta program.

I know @Bastian - I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just something in my setup. I’m running 2.0b4(19429).

I’ve been testing the 2.0b4 & noticed it’s not eating up near the resources the previous version does. I’ve had a dropped frame issue for awhile. same sources & layers in the beta, really smooth. My (now aging) 17" Unibody MacBook Pro barely breaks a sweat. Very nice job thus far.

Sweet, wait for the next beta :slight_smile: engineering found more ways to reduce rendering times.

Good stuff, Bastian! As a stress test, I set up two 1080p sources (one 30p, other 60p) via two Blackmagic cards, a 1920x1080p30 document, the built in iSight camera, USB sound device & put the clock layer in too. I did see some dropped frames but I was still impressed it got that far.

We saw dropped frames as well and figured out why it happened. Stay tunes for the next beta.