One-Man/Woman-Show - no Director, but automation! (The hidden assistant)

Hello friends,
today I want to discuss a topic, which is very important, when you produce on a (low) budget. No assistant is available to say, when whatever starts. Use a “beeper” at the audio-monitoring-output, instead of the famous 5,4,silent(3,2,1):

Use the beeper before starting anything important, so you know when you have to come to an end or to start with your show hosting/moderation:

Bevor every transition, a beeper should announce special events, like the end of a section, or before an in-transition/being on air. Big advantage. You don’t have to keep your eye on a clock. You can save visual monitoring. Mute the aMonitoringFX-Layer for all audio-outputdestinations, except for your monitoring. I solved it by turning the volume to 0, but at the hosts audio-output-mix I used individual settings for the mix.

Get the Demo here. Feel free to use my beeper. It needs in total 10 seconds before an event.

What do you think about this? Any questions or suggestions? Any ideas to enhance it? I’d like to read about it at the comments.


Find more about the topic “how to create an automated timeline for your show with mimoLive” here: