No More Virtual Camera - My Show is Dead

Following Mac Software update, no MimoLive virtual camera in any application. Removed, reinstalled MimoLive, same problem. I can record to file, it shows correct output in program output window. No virtual camera available in Slack, Zoom, QT or Google Meet. MacBook Pro 14" 2021 Apple M1 Pro chip, 32GB Memory Sonoma 14.1.1. MiMo Live Version 6.4 (30049). I do see the virtual microphone associated with the show title in Slack audio settings. Downloaded virtual camera drivers, installed, rebooted, no change. Removed application, reinstalled, no Virtual Camera. Until this is fixed I am off the air. Great sadness. Help!!

Hi @JJC I’m sorry about the troubles.

Quite surprisingly, Apple removed support for DAL based Virtual Cameras from Sonoma 14.1. We’re working on releasing a new Camera Extension for mimoLive soon.

Meanwhile, here is how to get support for legacy Virtual Cameras back: If you can't use your camera or video output device after updating to macOS Sonoma 14.1 - Apple Support

Or use NDI Virtual Input/Webcam

Unfortunately, the NDI Virtual Input is also using legacy technology and needs the same procedure to work on Sonoma 14.1. MacOS Sonoma (14.1) no longer recognizes NDI Tools as a virtual camera – NDI


Amazing Apple doesn’t pass this info during pre-beta releases to developers who win Apple Design Awards.

Greetings, sir! It gets worse - IT will not allow me to use system-overide in recovery mode. That workaround is not for me it seems. Is there a future possible fix?

Hi @JJC That is disturbing as it is Apple’s recommended fix. Is there an error message?

A fix is coming from us. 6.6b1 should be out by early next week.

TLDR: IT Says “No, and if you figure out how to do it, the MDM will reverse it”. Here are the words spake by IT: “The requested modification to the base security configuration is denied. The application ‘MiMo Live’ is not business critical” and “Our ISO-27001 Compliance tool depends on the MDM tool keeping configurations consistent to the approved baseline. We would have to track the variant configuration and remove the security exception at some future time. We do not provide a level of system access to the end user that permits the circumvention of the hard drive encryption required by the override tool.”

Ah, I see. I missed the significance of “IT” being spelt in all caps…

I thought there was a technical issue.

We‘ll do our best to get the new virtual camera out asap.