New Layer Development

Hi All,

Anyone know what the future method of creating new layers is as MimoLive moves away from Quartz Composer?

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It will be a stand alone software, some kind of “Composer”, with similar look and feel to quartz composer. Oliver talked about in this forum, some weeks ago. And who knows, maybe with some features, QC never had.

@ColinMulcahy Do you plan to develop your own Layers?

Hi Oliver…

Yes I have thought about developing some layers. I’ve dug into Quartz Composer to see whats under the hood.

We need to build on what MimoLive presently offers with more advanced Lower Third layers with more options. For example how CNN displays information on its Lower Thirds and a Location and time display Layer etc.

We know what we want the layers to do, just need a way to create them moving forward.

Can you post a sample video of what you’re missing?

It’s been a while since a customer send us something that could not already be done with the layers in mimoLive and we always look into making them better.

We’ve developed over 200 Layers over the years, some for customers and a lot are still lying around waiting to be polished and finished… To preserve this investment and the investment some customers might have made, our goal is to provide a replacement for Quartz Composer that lets us use the existing layers, ideally unmodified.

That’s really interesting. Do you have a link to that thread. I could not find it. Thanks Johannes.


Also here:


Hi @Oliver_Boinx, following up on conversation.

Just take a look at any of CNN’s News feeds.

I’d love a location layer, something similar to a lower thirds layer. Location as Title and Location Time as Subtitle.

Working on a number of templates today. I was seeing if it was possible to mimic the CNN Lower Thirds Title. But I ran into a problem. I wanted to use push from left. But I can’t define the edges/margins. The push-in comes from the edges of the screen. Effectively the layer displays full width. Yes I know you could use images with transparency. But it doesn’t solve the boundaries issue for animations as it is implemented on the full width of the screen.

I would like to be able to set top, bottom, left and right off set for the layer so the contents only shows and animates within that area. So for example by setting a left offset of 100px the push-in would start from 100px in.

I could also use this implementation with the Lower Thirds layer with an interview setup with two video sources. By placing the boundaries of the lower thirds layer at 50% in from the left the animation etc would happen underneath the video source box on the right.

Also, Just like some of the alternative third layer packs that you provide, the title box expands with its background based on the width of the inserted text.

I’d love to see an updated lower thirds layer that implements some of the features of those layers combined with layer placement boundaries.

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@ColinMulcahy : Use PIP Window and Static Text to engineer whatever you need. Combine everything in LayerSets. Use Variants to have animation points for transitions. Combine as many layers as you need. You are able to place content outside of the render space.

hi @JoPhi, thanks for input. I can see what your suggesting but it still doesn’t solve the problem of push-in’s on. my implementations.

aaaam: With my suggestion you’re 100% free in positioning/animation/movements, I cannot see your point. By the use of a text-source you are additionally able to move text, however you want. No restrictions.

Ok, so can you provide an example where a layer can push in from the left and start from the left at 100px in? Not from the edge.

I think it would be better to provide a tutorial. It’s on my list.

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I’ve wanted a MASK layer for text for a long time. I use MIMO as an external CG with alpha channel. Before alpha, I used ChromaKey and was able to build mask layers in the CK color.