Mix Minus on mixes other than Program Output

I’m using mimolive to host a number of callers using mimocall. I am acting as the producer and am not personally on screen, nor heard in the program output. I’m currently using the setting of “partner hears” as “Program Mix (mix-minus)”. I want to be able to set it up so that I can from mimolive talk to the mimocall users without my voice being in the program output, and I want to be able to speak to specific people or multiple callers depending on the circumstance … sometimes for as simple as “you’re muted” or something more complex like feeding them information. I’m having up to 8 mimocallers simultaneously. I don’t want the callers to hear their own voices fed back to them. Short of making a custom audio mix for each caller. does anyone have any thoughts?

@Kebbel After we shipped the “Caller hears” feature we noticed that its logic is very complex. It should be possible to simply define an audio source that is added to the mimoCall return feed. I hope we can make this happen soon.

That would be awesome! Along with an interface to control which caller hears you (or not) would be amazing!!!

I love Mimolive!