Missing Boinx TV layer request

I guess many as me, follow the Boinx advice to get a Novation Nocturn for a physical surface control.

With the new Mimolive, this device seems to have been forgotten.

I’m actually had success in export the layer composition from Boinx, and import it to Mimolive.

Even, with my zero knowledge in Xcode, only searching and trial and error, I managed add the Syphon preview transmit regular video switcher layer feature to Nocturn layer.
So, I have possibility to see the 4 cameras preview.

Can you take a look to this layer and modernize it and bring it back?

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You wont believe it but just last week I stumbled across the Nocturn hardware in my office and I thought that nobody asked for the layer for a long time! Certainly we will have a look at it and bring it back. However this will take some time, because currently I am working on the Video Switcher layer anyways and this needs to be finished first.

@“Achim (Boinx)”
Take a look


Please don’t forget me!


If it is no plan to renew this layer, it is there a plan to add a new hardware switch controller?

@JMVBMW Our plan is to provide more ways to control mimoLive. Achim loves the Nocturn, so I’m sure it will come back eventually.

Meanwhile we could use your valuable feedback: We are working on a control surface for touch devices such as the iPad. Would you use such a solution? Is there any reason why you wouldn`t?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the buttons, knobs and sliders than a touch device…

@JMVBMW Thanks for the feedback. We’ll make sure to keep that in mind.



This request was a year ago… it is enough time?



I use MimoLive in scenic work. I combine live feeds (NDI, connected, etc) with prerecorded one and need external interfaces to control the parameters of the layers - it is faster than using the mouse, and often I need to control several parameters in parallel. So I definitely need an external interface.
I usually work with QuartzComposer, and use both Physical Interfaces (like the Korg Nano Control as the portable version, and the CNTRL of Livid Instruments as the one with most knobs for me) and virtual ones (TouchOSC). So I would love both.
I would also love to integrate the parameters of my QuartzComposer Patches so I can control them from inside MimoLive (like in CoGe).

ML has a remote interface option now you can use with any touchscreen device that has a web browser. have you tried that option yet?

Thanks for reaching out. Your use case sounds cool, do you have any videos to share?

As of mimoLive 5.2b1 we support xKeys devices for controlling mimoLive. You can get mimoLive 5.2b1 here: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/latestbeta

Also, have you checked out the http api?

Hi kmac. I have seen the interface, but it seems to me it just works triggering elements. It guess I can’t control parameters inside a Layer, like X,Y, etc, and mainly I can’t control gradual parameters, intensities, just on-off.

Hi Oliver.
Thank you for the interest. I don’t have much recorded material. A example of mimo use in a scenic project was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg3qO4Vb0KM. All the video is mixed with mimo live: edited videos, wired camera to capture card, and 2 RaspberryPi cameras (on table and ceiling) over webcapture (that’s is actually why we prefered mimo for this project).
My own work is mainly with QuartzComposer (here some examples: http://www.hautkai.net/media.html), that is why I want to integrate QuartzComposer layers into Mimo, but it is fundamental that I can control its parameters live.

X-keys is propietary protocol of PI Engineering? I would prefer using existing protocols like Midi and OSC, which can connect both with physical and virtual equipment - which I already have, and there is a much bigger menu of options to adapt to own necessities. At the other hand, the products I have seen are just triggers. I need gradual control. Lets say I move a window from left to right following a person, or make it gradually appear from the back - just to mention the geometry controls inside mimo. The parameters I control in QuartzComposer live during the show are intensities, sensibility, quantities, alpha, etc - that’s why I need so much faders and knobs, toggles or buttons are just 20%. That is also why the remote control http interface of mimo - in its actual form - is not useful for me.

We are working now on a new scenic project, I would love to use mimo again. This time I am considering to replace the RASP web capture with NDI. It works very fast with Newtek NDI App on phone (less latency than mimo call), and I hope I can connect directly the NDI/HX protocol of a Spark Connect (over wifi). We are going to use much live reactivity to live feed, over Quartz, and it would be perfect if I manage to integrate my compositions into mimo as layers and control them from there.


I’m a massive fan of mimoLive, but I wonder if the video stuff you’re doing wouldn’t be better served by a tool like Isadora ( https://troikatronix.com/ ) … In my analysis, it’s way more suited to what you’re doing.

I use both … and each has uses. Isadora does everything you want to do (OSC, Midi, geometry parameters), but doesn’t elegantly handle creating TV style shows with online streaming, NDI cameras, mimoCall-style chat, comments, etc.