Missing Boinx TV layer request

Hi Wibbly.
Yes, for programming the reactivity I use a tool similar to Isadora: Quartz Composer. It is also a visual programming interface, as MaxSP, PureData, TouchDesigner, VUO and others (it is being deprecated together with openGL, so I probably gonna have to migrate some day). But it does not work as good to combine the videos in a larger venue, nor as you say, has the necessary tools like NDI, that clear UI, etc. I use therefore often VideoMixer software as CoGe (similar to other VJ software like Modul8, VDMX, Resolume), which has the ability of integrating Quartz Composer patches and automatically their parameters.
MimoLive has a good relation with QuartzComposer (the custom layers can be programmed in QC), that’s one reason why I like it so much. I am still trying to acomplish own mimo-tvlayers, but it would be important to manipulate parameters.
Also, without this kind of generative-interactive programming, there are existing parameters in Mimo which I would like to control live, like the blend from one image to another, for which I don’t want to use the mouse. So I am looking forward of an external controller, which supports gradual changes. I think the integration of the midi protocol (and OSC) opens a universe of possibilities.

I am very familiar with QC (and most of the VJ software you mention). I still think you should have a look at Isadora. :slight_smile:

If nothing else, you need to be prepared for Apple to completely kill QC at some stage.

I’m scared of that day, but we all need to be prepared …

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Yep. Everyone has it preferences. I know and like Isadora, but I preferred Quartz for several reasons. But you are very right, I probably have to learn a new language… I want one which avoids CPU, and goes more directly to GPU, and is free if possible (I am a teacher in Peru, so my students have less access to what for others isn’t much money). Maybe I have to get deeper in Metal. arghh.

ich wollte Mimolive benutzen um auf facebook live zu streamen. facebook steht zwar drinnen llässt sich aber nicht auswählen.muss eingerichtet werden "sagt eine meldung.dann komm ich auf die Boinx seite.Dann wieder zurück .sicherheits fester öffnet sich zum hinzufügen und da kann ich dann nichts auswählen!!kann das fester nur wieder zumachen.und nichts hat sich dann verändert.facebook steht dann wieder nur dunkel zur auswahl.also nicht verfügbar! was ist das problem??
lg heiko