How to update the QuickView/Preview/Icon representation?

My file only shows the placeholder image in Finder, or in QuickView. How can I tell FM to use eg. the first slide instead? I’m pretty sure I’ve succeeded doing this before, but I can’t figure it out any more.

In FotoMagico 6, the thumbnail is the picture that was the first slide when the file was initially saved the first time. When you create a copy with “Save as…”, the then current first slide will be used.

Ok, understood (but not great). I did indeed start with an empty first slide, as I planned to do the intro later. And then that placeholder image stuck. Would be great if the preview image could be updated without impacting other aspects of the file (like compacting or saving as a copy).

Hi @Michael_Herger_8766 That’s one of the cases that engineering wasn’t able to imagine… :wink:

I’ll put in a feature request to add a way to pick the thumbnail slide or at least update it frequently.

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Engineering got back to me. The Comman-S “Save & Compress” is the intended way to update the thumbnail, it takes the slide the playhead is on and makes it the new thumbnail. I’m waiting for them to tell me what the “compress” part actually does.

Ok, more updates: The “Save & Compress” (Option-S) does not actually compress any files. It simply removes unused files which are files that were added to the slideshow at some point but later removed from the slideshow again.

So it is safe to use it for replacing the Thumbnail.

Excellent, thanks!

(Would probably be good to document it somewhere :wink:. I searched the documentation but I believe “Compress” wasn’t found as a keyword).

That’s a very good point!