Getting an iOS device over internet into mimocall?

would it be possible to get the feed from an iPad on a remote connection into mimolive?
I see there’s support for using the lightning USB cable, but I need a remote person showing his iPad and I need to get him into mimolive using mimocall.
can it be done? or is there any workaround?

thank you @winnie, I can see

  • iOS video client for mimoCall™: turns your iOS device into a live video conference camera for mimoLive™ for Mac.

I don’t need the camera of the iPad. I need to share the screen of the iPad like you would normally do with AirPlay on a local network.
More specifically, would this app have the same behaviour when screensharing / mirroring as with using the HDMI adapter?

some user already posted a solution for this:

thanks but it doesn’t look like the same situation… I have the need for screensharing an iOS device, not the screen of the presenter in mimocall

Ah, yes, my bad. Here’s what you can do, you can both use the screen sharing app built in to mac os. you just need his/her apple ID. you can also do this via iMessage (more how to here:
Now for the remote user to be able to share their ipad screen, they have to connect it to their mac via lightning cable, open quicktime and click File -> New Movie Recording. On the circular red record button, click on the arrow pointing down and select the iPad. From here, since you can now see their screen via screen recording, you can add a screen capture source from your mimolive and select the screen sharing screen. :slight_smile:

looks doable, but certainly not straightforward for a guest.
@Oliver_Breidenbach is there any other, easier way to do this?

If the remote person has a Mac, you can run mimoLive on that Mac, use the mimoCall output destination to connect it to your studio and then you have all the sources available.

You could also use 2 mimoCalls via browser, install the NDI Virtual Input and use the NDI Capture App on iOS to get the screen into the mimoCall.

I wish this were easier, though.