mimoCall screen share?

Is it possible for a somebody using mimoCall to share their screen?

Case use in question:

  • using mimocall to bring a remote speaker into a live stream.
  • the speaker wants to show a power-point presentation

Last time I did this, I had the slides running locally to me and used a desktop capture. But - the speaker had to ask for “next slide please” as they were not in control of the slides. The way I can think of having them control the slides is for them to run them on their own computer and screen share. Can it be done?


Yes, they can. But you have additional options as well:

  • The guest can activate Keynote Live, send you the URL which you can add as Browser source in MimoLive
  • Add an extra MimoCall: one with the screenshare of Keynote / PowerPoint. This way you end up with 2 MimoCalls: 1 with the guest, 1 with the keynote of the guest. And then you can decide when to switch what or even have both sources on-air.

Let me know if you need more help.

Ahhh! Option two may be the answer. I will have a play…


You’re welcome. And let me know if it worked out for you.

BTW: Don’t forget to switch off the audio input and output on the MimoCall with the powerpoint, to avoid echo and unwanted audio noise.

Hmmm. Using Chrome when I try to screen share, I select the screen I want to share and it tells me: " Screen Sharing Aborted. You have chosen not to share your screen or your browser does not allow screensharing."

On Safari I can share screen, although only the whole screen.

I can’t find how to get Chrome to share the screen…


Fixed my own problem :wink:

In main Mac System Prefs / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Screen Recording - check the box next to Google Chrome to enable screen sharing

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Great to see someone using Keynote live! How do you find it for stability and AV playback? Had any issues, I’ve often thought about using it to get slides into ML even locally because my HDMI splitters have a habit of not being able to talk to Mac and a projector at the same time.

I even went to the trouble of making my own custom layer (QC) for playing through a PDF export of PPT/KN slides in the BonixTV days.

For me KL works fine. No issues.

Another option for you could be NDI, by using NDI Tools, but that’s maybe more of a hazzle, as you need to install it.

The benefit of uaing KL is, you can play the Keynote from the users machine, which has all the necessary fonts that where used by that person and eliminates errors with missing fonts etc.

Sadly they are not using a Mac. But interesting to hear about Keynote live. Had no idea you could do that. I’ll stick with twin mimoCall. Although - we just went into extra lockdown and the whole setup has changed now. So may not need to do this at all.

Yes, fonts and colours and all that. I’ve used Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio mini Recorders in the past, either with an HDMI splitter — which projectors ofter refuse to play ball with. So then I have my spare laptop with their latest PPT or KN file on it (usually they’re using PPT) and the HDMI out port coming into my BMD MiniRecorder and I’ve had all sorts of colour issues occasionally with solid yellows and blues breaking up into coloured noise for that part of the image. No idea what part of the chain is at fault. usually it’s too late to do anything about and I fix it in post.

So Keynote looks great. Plus it provides a backup live stream for viewers over internet if the sound can be streamed from Keynote and MimoCall at the same time.