FotoMagico 5 and 6 in the Same Mac


Is ist possible, using FotoMagico 5 and 6 on the same Mac (latest OS).
Not parallel but one day 5 (editing Version 5 shows without 6 Abo) and the other day 6 for 6 Shows wird abo.

I see no reason why that shouldn’t be possible. I have certainly opened all the slide shows in version six and have both versions on my Mac mini. I take out a subscription for version six as and when I need it.

This topic was discussed here:

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But for me there is now no reason to work with FotoMagico 5.
FM 6.4 is now running perfectly for me and I also edit the FM5 versions with it.

While it is possible to run both on the same Mac, I wouldn’t recommend it, especially under Ventura with an Apple Silicon Mac as FotoMagico 5 seems to have some issues with that.

The slide shows can be used in both, the FotoMagico 6 features won’t be showing up in FotoMagico 5 though.

We’re working on removing the last remaining shortfalls of FotoMagico 6 over 5, so please continue to let us know what those are.

Version 5 und 6 gleichzeitig, insbesondere unter 13.4 funktioniert die Version 5 nicht.
Sie stürzt immer ab.