A subscription allows Fotomagico to run on how many Mac computers?

I have a 5.4 version of Fotomagico on my 2013 iMac (Catalina), and my Fotomagico 6.0.2 subscription running on my iMac 2019 Ventura. Am I allowed to run Fotomagico 6.0.2 on both my iMacs?

FotoMagico 6.3.3 need minimum macOS Big Sur. Your iMac latest version is Catalina.

For each FotoMagico Version is allowed one installation at one time.

I use my FotoMagico 5.6.4 and FotoMagico 6.3.3 on iMac 2017.

Ventura is running on my iMac.
All without problems.
Please remember, FotoMagico always use .fms as file Extension for both version.

Hi @Steve_Richter Thanks for using FotoMagico and for joining the forum!

The official licensing rules are following Apple’s rules for the App Store: if it’s just you using those iMacs, then you can use FotoMagico 6 on both with a single subscription. If the other Mac is used by another person, you’ll need a separate subscription for it.

As @cmue pointed out, please note the system requirements. You can share documents between version 5 and 6 but it isn’t recommended to do this on a regular basis as features unique to FotoMagico 6 are unusable in this case.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx all my FotoMagico 4/5 projects are on an extern volume. Only for small edit I use FM5.
Now I test it again.
If i edit a FM6 file with FM5, i saw this:

If i save a copy, all FM6-features to be lost.
If i use FM6 for FM4/5 files there are no problems.
Is that correct?

Should I stop using FM5?
It will be supported in the future as well as no longer.

Hi @cmue There should really be no reason to continue to use FotoMagico 5 if you have a FotoMagico 6 subscription. But if you like to keep FotoMagico 5 around to make some small changes to old slideshows, that is also ok.

Thank you for prompt response. I have 2 27” iMac computers side by side. My older iMac will not run an OS past Catalina, and it is running Fotomagico 5.4 perfectly. My 2 year old iMac is running the latest OS (Ventura) and Fotomagico 6.0.2. I am fine with this arrangement. PROBLEM: Fotomagico 6.0.2 won’t update. When I try, I get a message UPDATE ERROR! FotoMagico can’t be updated if it’s running from the location it was downloaded to. What do I have to do to enable it to update?