Facebook comments are not showing up

My dear @Oliver_Boinx, I tell you that Facebook comments are not showing up, there are many people who liked that function. What can we do?


Hi @HechosEcuador Thanks for reporting. I’m sorry about the problems. Facebook keeps changing things very fast and we’re working hard to keep up. This requires you to update to the latest version of mimoLive. What version are you using?

I use the latest 5.9.1 I am always up to date

Hi, @Oliver_Boinx and @HechosEcuador

I am having the same issue. Only my comments the API can read. I have the latest version also.

I have the same problem. Other social media features, like the reaction layer, work perfectly. But the comments don’t quite fit properly and it doesn’t work.

I am also having this problem. Running 5.9.1. FB Likes and Reactions are working fine. FB Comments are not working. Only comments made by the host account are been received by mimoLive. FB Comments made by viewers are not been received.

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Any updates on this @Oliver_Boinx, it seems to be an ongoing issue even with the latest beta’s?

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Running Version 5.10b1 (29162)

Yes, it is an ongoing issue. We’re not sure what’s going on because it works sometimes but not always. Of course, we keep working on this.

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Maybe it’s a new Facebook graph API problem, or the new EU privacy regulation on Facebook. Can someone test it outside of the EU?

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Version 5.10b2, and my facebook comments are not showing up but i can receive admin comments to the page but for the viewers are failing.

Any update on this it’s four weeks since I have been able to use Facebook comments in my shows. Non of the new betas have had any effect. Does anyone have working facebook comments at the moment.

If anyone does I’d love to hear from you.

@hutchinson.james_boi No Brethren.

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Check this thread with the reason for non-working comments (not Mimo, but FB’s fault :grimacing:)

Hi everyone,
we are still working on the issue and communicating with Facebook support to find a solution.
I will keep you updated on this thread and report back with any progress next week.
Thank you for your reports and patience!