MimoLive FB comments on specific pages

I’m having an issue whith using the “social media” source to pull in comments on Facebook. I want to use our test page to run some live video tests and mimo can’t find the live stream it also does not recognise the Live video ID.

This generally works with our main Facebook page where it finds the live stream and provides it as an option in the “Live Video” drop down menu, but refuses to work when streaming from or test page.

I’m having to test this as the last few times we’ve used this functionality (On the main page) the comments being drawn in are only the comments the page is making not the comments from the audience. So I’m trying to find out why that is happening. I’ve removed the facebook account and re-added it to see if it is a permission issues but no joy there.

When I change the content type to Page likes my test page is listed as a source so I assume Mimo can see and access my test page.

Any help would be appreciated.

@James_Brant there seems to be an ongoing issue with FB comments for the last number of weeks. Boinx are looking into it but nothing seems to be working yet.

Do you have FB comments working at the moment on any pages?

Thanks for the info, I haven’t tried on any of our main pages recently as it’s not easy to test due to them being public-facing. On the customer-facing live streams, I want to focus on the actual video as opposed to testing so am apprehensive to cause any possible confusion/distractions on those.

It’s still odd that the live event from my test page won’t even show in mimo however, any tips from @Achim_Boinx or @Oliver_Boinx would be appreciated.

Thanks Guys

We have made some progress today figuring out the issue: Comments only show up from viewers that have mimoLive added to their Business Ingeration settings! That makes no sense at all but is why we haven’t been able to reproduce the issues so far as mimoLive is added to your Business Integration settings when you log in so your own comments and comments from other mimoLive users will show up.

We’re trying to get Facebook to let us know what has prompted this change and how we can adapt.


Thanks for investigating, looking forward to the outcome. Do you know why the live videos from my test page are not appearing in mimolive at all?

Also thanks, but it seems that also a problem with the YT comments are ongoing. The show showing up in the social media source but only statistics and likes are available no comments.

Thank you @Oliver_Boinx, that’s great to know progress is been made, the FB comments are an important part of my stream hence the urgency. Thank you for focusing on it.

Any update @Oliver_Boinx @Achim_Boinx on a timeline for when FB comments will work again.

Any suggestions for a work around?

Hi @hutchinson.james_boi We’re still working with Facebook to find a solution.

Currently, the situation is this: You can only see comments from people who have added mimoLive to their business integrations and allowed it to receive their comments. This policy effectively makes comments impossible to use as you can’t explain to your viewers why they have to grant mimoLive permission to read their comments. From a privacy point of view, this makes some sense, but in the context of live streaming, it seems excessive as you could assume that the users give permission to use the comments by commenting on your live stream.

Our hope is that Facebook will provide a different means of accessing the comments for the host of a live stream.

A possible workaround right now is to screen capture the comments from the website or from an iPhone. If you need moderation, basically you could have a separate person copy/paste the comments you want to address.

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Thank you @Oliver_Boinx, that is really informative. It sounds like it could be quite a while before an ideal solution can be found.

Since you rely on Facebook to help facilitate the fix I appreciate it must be very frustrating for you and the team. Thank you for your ongoing efforts. I will patiently look forward to the solution.

I wonder is this as a direct result of the new EU regulations. It sounds like it might be. Have you found that it’s only customers based in Europe who have the problem?

Thanks for the update, is the technogy/API functionality behind this different then tools like Hootsuite or Sproutsocial as I’m still able to bring comments from our live streams into our social media monitoring software?