I’m trying to output by SDI (via BlackMagic Decklino Duo2) 4 SRT streams but i can’t.

I’m using a MacPro 6.1 with OS Monterey + Decklink Duo 2 with Blackmagic Desktop Video v11.7 (later versions don’t recognise my decklink on MimoLive, don’t know why).

When I pass the SRT by “PGM OUT” it goes smothly, but when i choose the SRT as the video source the DECKLINK crashes at 20min.

It also happens when testing as a playout with .mp4 and .mov media files.

The interesting part is that with 4 NDI inputs it works perfectly. I’m missing something? Is there a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Serj4 Thanks for giving mimoLive a go. Can you please try with 6.4b2 and let me know if the problem persists?

Hi! Thanks for the response. The error is the same. I can send out an SRT source via PGM OUT, but not as an ffmpeg source directly to BM Sdi out.
I attached a screenshot.
The SRT is from OBS via loopback interface.

Hi @Serj4 Thank you for testing. We’ll look into this and fix it asap.

Could you use Syphon as an output from OBS? That would remove a lot of processing overhead for encoding SRT and decoding it with ffmpeg.

Just out of curiosity: what are you doing in OBS that can’t be done in mimoLive?

Hi! OBS is just for creating 2 SRT signals. I already tested with nimble streamer (from Debian OS) and a Vmix (Win10) as an SRT inputs for MIMO and the error is the same.

I receive SRT from my partners and I mix it with some more inputs. Then, I need to send it via SDI.

Thx for the advice and the rapid response!

Ok, so the SRT from OBS is just for testing?

Yes. I usually receive SRT from nimble streamer servers or Kiloview hardware.

We’re currently looking into several possible improvements.

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Hello! There are any news?

Thanks in advance.

Hello! There are any news about this possible improvements?

Thanks in advance.

  • Serj

hello…? Is there any improvement?

Hi @Serj4

I’m sorry to report that this will take a bit longer due to lack of a Mac Pro 6.1 in order to reproduce the issue so we’re trying to find a system for debugging. Thanks for your patience.

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@Serj4 …but we have just released 6.4b6 with a significant performance boost which might help in your case:

Can you please test this and let me know?

hi! I already test it and it gave me the same error with the SRT. It goes well with NDI sources. It also drops some frames (like 5-6 per minute) via Blackmagic Decklink output.

Maybe it’s something about my Mac’s performance that’s low?


Hi @Serj4 It is not related to your Mac’s performance. The issue is that the source doesn’t provide a steady stream of frames which the destination requires. We’re planing to do some re-engineering to address this soon.

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Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to it then.

@Serj4 I would like receive SRT sources into Mimolive.

I searched related info, but I have not found anything which help me achieve it.

Can you, please, describe us a brief step by step how you use SRT to mimolive?

Thank in advance, best regards


You have to install ffmpeg first and tell MimoLive where it’s installed. Then you’ll have to config a FFmpeg input and enter some parameters like:
-i srt://

This example is with the ip and 9998 port, but you have to change it accordind your LAN.

Here’s a guide to do it. :slight_smile:


Thank you
I need to figure out about public IP
I found ZeroTier and I think it would do the trick…

Done, Zerotier did the trick.