I’m trying to output by SDI (via BlackMagic Decklino Duo2) 4 SRT streams but i can’t.

I’m using a MacPro 6.1 with OS Monterey + Decklink Duo 2 with Blackmagic Desktop Video v11.7 (later versions don’t recognise my decklink on MimoLive, don’t know why).

When I pass the SRT by “PGM OUT” it goes smothly, but when i choose the SRT as the video source the DECKLINK crashes at 20min.

It also happens when testing as a playout with .mp4 and .mov media files.

The interesting part is that with 4 NDI inputs it works perfectly. I’m missing something? Is there a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Serj4 Thanks for giving mimoLive a go. Can you please try with 6.4b2 and let me know if the problem persists?

Hi! Thanks for the response. The error is the same. I can send out an SRT source via PGM OUT, but not as an ffmpeg source directly to BM Sdi out.
I attached a screenshot.
The SRT is from OBS via loopback interface.

Hi @Serj4 Thank you for testing. We’ll look into this and fix it asap.

Could you use Syphon as an output from OBS? That would remove a lot of processing overhead for encoding SRT and decoding it with ffmpeg.

Just out of curiosity: what are you doing in OBS that can’t be done in mimoLive?

Hi! OBS is just for creating 2 SRT signals. I already tested with nimble streamer (from Debian OS) and a Vmix (Win10) as an SRT inputs for MIMO and the error is the same.

I receive SRT from my partners and I mix it with some more inputs. Then, I need to send it via SDI.

Thx for the advice and the rapid response!

Ok, so the SRT from OBS is just for testing?

Yes. I usually receive SRT from nimble streamer servers or Kiloview hardware.

We’re currently looking into several possible improvements.

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Hello! There are any news?

Thanks in advance.