Direct communication to an individual MimoLive call

Is there any way to be able to do a “Push to talk” directly to an individual mimoLive caller so I can cue them during the broadcast? I know how to be able to set up an output that excludes the director’s comments during the broadcast, I want to be able to talk to just one of them at a time. Thoughts?

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I did something like this… wrote it up here:
Feature Request: Virtual Green Room For Shows

I haven’t had a chance to update that post, but at Oliver’s suggestion now use syphon layers instead of NDI. Works fairly well provided you only have a few guests…I think probably the limitation is my hardware (2014 iMac) and organization skill rather than a limitation of the software… have tried a few variations.

It would however be amazing to have this type of feature built in.

Currently it’s just possible by creating a crazy mixed-minus-setup, also for PGM-out. I did something like this for Whatsapp + Telegram + Skype + Zoom + Mimocall 1 + Mimocall 2. Finally I had 3 virtual Audio-Rooms. Talk-Enclave One, Talk-Enclave Two and PGM-out. This was before the Automation-Layer.

Well, it worked damn’ good, but as long as I’m not able to change/replace Audio-Mixes by Automation-Layer, I’d never do this again. The matix buttons at the WebControl were extremely complex. Later I combined the audios to switching groups. You can calculate how many buttons I had. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, I second JoPhi’s comment… being able to automate the audio mixes would be a god-send (in absence of a simple button “push to talk” / green room feature added to the sources!)

One green room isn’t enough. For a call in, I’d need nowadays at least 5 rooms/spaces. A please hold the line-room, a briefing room (it’s some kind of your green room. 1:1), a do-your-preperation-room group A also for group B (two independent ones) and the pgm-room.