Crashes mimolive 5.6b2

Crashed during streaming when i change layer sets (i use new masks for pip window)

logs 0305

log 0205

  1. I noticed that after some time of working mimolive, some mp4 files (that I use as a looped background without audio) - are stopping appearing in the layer preview and then disappear into the program out too. check it please

Hi @did. Thank you for using mimoLive and for this great bug report (with the logs). We are sorry to hear that you have experienced such crashes during a livestream.

The crash logs :“03 05 mimolive 3685” & “02 05 mimoLive [2311]” clearly show that it was an NDI crash which happened at connection time when some data, which was gone, has been requested.

We will check to see what is happening there.

Could you please check which version of mimoLive you were using (because different mimoLive version use different NDI SDK versions)?

Could you provide us with one mp4 file you were having the mentioned problems?

mimolive 5.6b2
catalina 10.15.5beta 19F62f
mac pro 2013 e5xeon 32GB GPU firepro D500 3gb (as NDI source)
-> gigabit RJ45 cable RJ45 (direct cable connection, without router) ->
macbook pro 2017 (as NDI receiver and streamer)