Audio/ Video no synch Mimolive

At launch of the live everything is fine, audio and video are in sync but the delay gets bigger and bigger the longer the show is. Yesterday for exemple at the end of 3 hours live we ended up with close to a second delay on the audio.
Equipment :
-Mac Pro 2020

  • Decklink 8K Pro
  • Decklink Quard HDMI Recorder
  • Decklink mini monitor 4K
    The setup had 2 Panasonic robot camera AWUE70K, the sound came from a sound console ONYX producer 2.2.

Hi Olivier,

Same problems here! On Mac Mini Big Sur with Sonnet Box, 2 Panasonic PTZ. No issues with playbacks but NDI cams and audio keeps going out of sync. Did you find a solution for your problem?

@Olivier_Ravalet1@TechCC We are investigating. The issue is only present on audio devices with USB 2. It’s not present on audio devices with USB 3. In one case that I personally worked on, installing Loopback and ingesting audio through Loopback removed the problem. We’re not sure why that is, however.

Hi Oliver,

thx for the quick reply! Awesome… trying this out on monday with loopback…
I’m also looking into the T2 chip from Apple and USB-device issues… hope this can help.

First time user of MimoLive, going live next weekend but very impressed and hopeful for the near future!

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards

We continue to have sync issues with multi-channel audio brought into MimoLive via USB connection with a Behringer X32 sound board. I’ve confirmed… the USB interface on the board is USB2, not USB3. Our “workaround” procedure has been to re-select the interface multiple times before and during our events, which seems to reset the interface, and bring the audio back into sync for a little while. We’ve been bit a few times, when our operator forgets to reset the interface, and we discover too late that the sync was off on our live stream. I’m taking a little heat for this being an ongoing issue. Any suggestions appreciated. Also happy to provide any details from our setup that may be useful in helping resolve this issue.

Have you tried the workaround with Loopback?

BTW, here is a tool to measure audio and video latency:

Have you found a solution for the a/v sync issue with your NDI cams? I recommend to not use the audio from the cameras.

I just recently saw the Loopback workaround mentioned, and haven’t tried it yet. I see that some have paid for the full version of Loopback, only to find that it did not solve their issues. Should I be able to tell if this will benefit us using the trial version?

Yes. The trial version introduces noise after a certain time, but it should be enough to see if the drift is gone.

Hi everyone,

We did two live-streams this weekend with Loopback as separate audio-source, no sync issues (though we had them before we used Loopback!).
Thx Oliver for great support.
(Setup: ML 5.9b2, MacMini Intel i7 32GB, Sonnet eGFX 8GB Radeon 5700 XT, 3 NDI Cams, 3 MimoCalls and a lot of video playbacks)

I have also had this issue repeatedly and found that another workaround is to change the audio buffer size in your preferences live, and it will click audibly and re-sync all sources instantly. Best to do it in a pause, or spot convenient to the show.

Thanks for that information. I think it might be a good lead into what to look at.

We have make it a procedure to periodically re-select the USB audio interface in the sources config area (once immediately before our service begins, and then again between songs / speakers, at quiet moments). If the audio sync is off, this seems to snap the audio timing back to correct sync. The main problem comes when whoever is operating MimoLive forgets to perform this procedure, and then the sync drifts off before it is detected through monitoring.

Have you tried to use Loopback in between your Audio interface and mimoLive?

Has any progress been made in 5.10 with the USB 2 audio source delay / drift issue?

Same here. After a while, audio is getting out of sync. Audio is getting delayed. We have a Allen & Heath SQ5 connected to our Mac Pro via USB. Haven’t tried Loopback yet. Using v5.11 of MimoLive. Any thoughts about a fix, instead of using Loopback?

@KHlo Can you please check with mimoLive 6.0b8? We think we figured it out but need to confirm with as many users as possible:

And please let me know the exact Mac model and OS version.


Hi. @Oliver_Boinx We just had an issue with major video/audio out of sync which we’ve never had before. It was with MimoLive 6.0 running on a 2021 iMac with OS Monterey (NOT an M1) and a client with this mic/camera:
I looked and it uses USB2. The audio and video were terribly out of sync with the video being artificially slow. At one point, there was a harsh audio sound.

Hi @MiniMattersEL I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. I think the issue with this camera may be the video format it sends over USB. In general, USB is problematic for cameras on the Mac because of issues in the UVC drivers. Also, it makes a big difference what else is connected to USB and to what port. Because of this, I would generally not recommend using USB cameras.

You may be able to improve on this by looking at the available choices for “Format” in the popover settings menu:

Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 19.00.41

What is available there?

@Oliver_Boinx I may have an opportunity to check with the client that has this camera in the next day or two - as we likely need to rerecord the short pieces that were recorded on this camera (could not fix adequately in post). With that camera, I will look at the possible settings and play with them to see if any work better. Also some people mentioned resetting the audio source. We only need to record something short here. In any case, I will let you know if we are able to gather more info. By the way, I also checked the project settings and my own webcamera (a Logitech Brio). (See attached.) What does 5-30 mean for the framerate? (Rather than 30?) And overall, does this mean you also suggest just using Facetime as opposed to a USB webcams across the board?
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 2.20.55 PM