Apple Silicon Support

Any update/timeline on when apple silicon will be fully supported by Mimolive (and native)? I’m currently using a 2014 iMac with a fusion drive that is starting to cause me issues (not sure if it is the fusion drive or the iMac itself). I’ll continue to troubleshoot the issue, but am starting to turn an eye to a new computer to use with Mimolive. I’m considering one of the new M1 mac mini’s but obviously don’t want to jump until fully supported. I’m probably (hopefully!) on a 6 to 12 month timeline but I just am hoping to know if this computer dies prematurely and I need to make a run to the apple store what to buy :wink:

Hi Kebbel,

We do not yet have a timeline for native Apple Silicon support. The first step is going to be to make sure mimoLive works well under Rosetta 2 on the M1 models. This is high priority.

Native support depends on a number of third party frameworks becoming available for Apple Silicon.

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Thanks Oliver! Looks like if this Mac dies, I’ll be replacing it with an intel for now.

Just curious about this, too. It looks like I’ll have a decked-out, 16GB/2TB M1 mini arriving here at the office and my temptation is to use it in the studio. But obviously mimoLive support is crucial, and the 8-core 2019 iMac isn’t exactly a slouch. :slight_smile:

Any idea how mimoLive is performing under Rosetta 2? And/or any idea of an updated M1 timeline, @Oliver_Boinx?


No update on the timeline yet.

But I just spoke with a customer yesterday doing his live stream Tuesday on an M1 with 2 guests via mimoCall, a caller via Skype/NDI and a local camera with chroma key:

So, it really depends on what you’re doing. Could work, but there is a good chance that you will get over that tipping point where the load on the machine is killing it.

I recently purchased a Mac Mini M1, the 8GB RAM version, and so far I did not run into any issues. Worth noting, I always run two MimoLive instances and currently on two different machines. The M1 solely streams via MimoLive to any RTMP server, and sometimes also records the show. I use another machine in combination with an UltraStudio HD to do all the graphics via MimoLive, outputting a key and fill signal.

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Hi @Hindrik would you mind to share a bit more details about your setup? I was thinking to do something similar, using a Mac for mixing and adding graphics and another one for streaming/recording. How do you pass AV signals between your two Macs?

You can use mimoCall to send from one mimoLive instance to another. An alternative would be BMD UltraStudio Mini Recorders.