Apple Silicon Support

Hi @Oliver_Boinx. That’s odd, because I understood it was not fully supported by Newtek yet. Additionally, I couldn’t get it working so I kinda assumed it was not supported, but that’s definitely my bad. I’ll check it out soon, because I’m currently connecting remote locations in the same building via MimoCalls.

Yes! It took me some time to figure it out, but it’s definitely worth it. Qlab is also amazing, but I really like the way how ProPresenter integrated multiple timers. Also, ProPresenter has a specific way of handling layers within video output, which can help a lot with different destinations (e.g. video playback for the stream vs. video playback for the television in the studio).

As far as I know, NDI is not supported natively on M1. But it works in Rosetta.

Interesting. I will give it a try. I’m currently learning Qlab, but I’m always in search for new tools to improve my setup.

P.S. I’m also learning Isadora, to integrate or replace Qlab.

To stay a little on topic, the M1 so far shows good overall and graphic performance. It easily outputs four individual outputs via the DeckLink. Also, video editing (Premiere Pro) works great, better than my 2018 Mac Mini with external GPU. I can’t wait for the M1X (if that will be the name). I’m sure MimoLive will run like a beast on Apple sillicon anytime soon.


Sorry for going OT, and thanks again for sharing so much information about your work.