Zoom Meeting vs Zoom webinar

I have used the MIMO Virtual camera for several Zoom meetings with great results, but last night the event was a Zoom Webinar and it did not connect to MIMO. Zoom received audio and video from a camera that was not live in MIMO.
Any suggestions?

Aren’t the Zoom Webinars using the same Zoom app? Did you connect to the Webinar with the browser instead of the Zoom desktop app?

I clicked on an emailed link like I normally do for a Zoom meeting. I think it opened the app. but I can’t say for sure.

Whether the Virtual Camera works only depends on the app you’re using it with. It doesn’t work in Safari for example, but works in Chrome. It works in Zoom, Teams but not FaceTime.

The reason for this is Apple’s security model. If an app has strict security, it needs to do a special trick to enable virtual cameras. Some vendors (Chrome, Zoom, Teams) have made the effort to implant it at the request of their users, some vendors have not.

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Yes, Zoom Webinars + Meetings are using the very same application.
I suppose @g.l.weston opened the webinar in the browser (which works for viewers and discussion participants as well) and used a browser without VC compatibility as @Oliver_Boinx pointed out.