Zoom and mimolive

Hi there! I’ve linked correctly mimolive and zoom but even if i’m in a meeting, my source stays on “Waiting for meeting join”. Some can help me?
Thank you,

Hi @bandian. Thank you for giving the Zoom integration a go!

Can you please confirm that you joined the meeting using the “Join Zoom Meeting…” command in the “Zoom” menu in mimoLive?


And are you seeing the Zoom meeting window listed in the “Window” menu?

Ooops. Actually not. Now i did it and it works. Sorry for bored you.
I feel so stupid!
I totally skipped that part in the manual :frowning:
My bad. Sorry again,

I didn’t want to make you feel stupid, sorry. I’m just happy that it works. Could have been a major issue if it wouldn’t. :slight_smile: