youtube streaming - setup to use same link everytime?

Hi, is there a way I can set up youtube and ML to use the same link when I go live? I stream a meeting once a month and would like to set a permalink for this so it’s the same page every month. Right now, when I press the go live button, it generates a link which I then have to email out. Thanks!

I’ve had luck with this approach to a constant URL for YouTube live streaming.[channel ID]

You can determine your [channel ID] by going to and copying the string after “YouTube Channel ID”.

I guess you may simply append “/live” to your channel URL.
In my case, it is
It will always take you to the page where the live streaming is happening. No specific link is necessary, unless you want to reference the archived version of the live broadcast in the future.

Initially, this wasn’t working, but discovered that it only works if you have your video set to public. Thanks for the info!