YouTube playback in a Live Stream

I’ve been watching a YouTube channel where a “British Guitarist Analyses…”

The whole premise is this guy plays a YouTube video - typically a musical performance before he was born – pausing the YouTube playback to comment.

How can this be done in mimoLive? Are there alternate approaches?

  1. Download video in advance of live stream
  2. Playback video during live stream directly from YouTube

Also, how to accomplish the split screen or other effects, picture-in-picture, or split screen.

Example: Wings of Pegasus. Almost every video as described above.

Hi Danny, this is a great use case!

You can use the Screen Capture source or the Window capture source to capture the video directly from your web browser. Unfortunately, the Web Browser source will not show the video due to DRM concerns. You can capture the audio with the help of the Loopback tool from Rogue Amoeba.

Another way would be to use a separate computer and an HDMI grabber.

I think the easiest way to do this is to use a YouTube downloader like Downie.

(also available via Setapp)

You can then easily play the video media inside MimoLive.

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