YouTube frame rate

When converting a new slideshow to a YouTube video you are given the choice to set frame rates per second. Can anyone tell me what is an optimal FRS setting for a slideshow composed of still images but with pan & zoom effects added? Is there any way to preview the different frame rates before final upload? Or to preview the motion blur effect?

Sorry, we do not have a preview at the moment. The lower the framerate, the smaller the rendered file will be. However, motion will also look less good. So it all depends on the speed of the animation effects. If you only use very slow pan & zoom animations, then a low framerate is fine. If on the other hand you are using very fast, dynamic animations, then you may have to choose a higher framerate, and thus accept larger file sizes (and longer loading times).

Thanks Peter. Your explanation helps.

I think 30 frames a second is pretty good - its also the standard for USA. I live in Australia where 25 frames is the standard(for TV and DVD) but I make all the slideshows in 30 frames as I put them on the web with Vimeo or Youtube.
I find 25 too slow

Thanks Steve. I’ll work with 30 fps on the next project.