Youtube channel Help (To Connect)

Went i login on youtube, i have several channels, i am only able to livestream on the main channel. If i press on another channel and i change to that channel to do the streaming, the only way to do the streaming is by custom rtmp and then i can get the comments. Can someone please help me telling me what i am doing wrong please?

It seems you aren’t doing anything wrong. YouTube (and Facebook) continually change the permissions regarding what mimoLive can and cannot do. I will look into the current situation. However, for your comments, could you add a Social Media source, select your YouTube account, and choose your streaming channel here to access the Live Chat manually?

@Jose_Rodriguez_8619 Have you tried to log in separately to each of your channels from mimoLive Preferences → Accounts? Are your YouTube channels connected to individual brand accounts? This is how I have set things up:

As the image shows, I am logged on to YouTube using 3 different brand accounts.

Hope this helps!
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