YouTube API warning

I get an “unknown YouTube error”. See screenshot. First I thought is was because of an older mimoLive version (5.8.1) but after updating to 5.11 I still get this error message. It appears immediately after starting up mimoLive. YouTube streaming works as expected. Coming thursday we have I livestream. Should we be worried?

I’m working on a iMac 5k on macOS 10.15.7.

Go to Accounts in Prefs and try to logout from YT. Afterwards connect with YT again. Maybe something changed between then and now. Sometimes I get a similar message because of Facebook and my way solves it for me.

Please let me know if it worked for you.

Thank you, when i go to preferences in mimolive → account I see a youtube account. I can only remove it but not logout. When I try to remove it I get a warning that everything associated with the account in the project will also be removed. I do not know what is associated :slight_smile: Do you have a tip?

Open the prefs without a document. Remove the account, reboot, add the Account again.