Youtube API limit?

Help!. I opened up Mimo this morning to prep for my live show later today, and I got an error about Youtube needint to be removed and re-added. I tried, but when I try to add my youtube account it give me this error:

Daily limit for all Youtube accounts has been exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). Failed with code 403.

In order to stream to YouTube setup a custom streaming output destination.
If the problem persists, please contact Boinx Software Support.

What do I do? I need this to work for my show today.

Ok, I got it set up via Custom RTMP.

Running into this same issue today 2/9/2020. Always use a custom RTMP but now have no way of featuring comments on the screen. Tried to delete and reestablish my YouTube account but now I can’t even re-add the account. Comments are essential to the show.

I get this every time I open mimoLive. I understand it as YouTube not allocating enough bandwidth to mimoLive users of the API globally to meet demand. The limitation is not with configuration or with mimoLive, but an arbitrary restriction imposed by YouTube. mimoLive has been attempting to lobby YouTube on this issue. Can others confirm this?

Hi, I understand your frustration. We’re also very frustrated with Google/YouTube at this point who are actually decreasing the Quota limits for unknown reasons. My apologies for the troubles.

There is a YouTube API specific to mimoLive?

Just wondering is this same issue applies to users of external hardware encoders. I run mimoLive on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017 2.8 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB).

Significantly, I use external hardware from Epiphan for encoding. So far, a Pearl Mini without any issues whatsoever simultaneously streaming to YouTube and Facebook. However, I just added an Epiphan Webcaster X3 because I am building a mobile rig around an ATEM mini.

Just an observation, nothing specific to mimoLive, but using external dedicated hardware encoders seems to increase reliability of livestreams more than any other factor. That’s me watching other streamers, where I’ve witnessed lots of problems with people using OBS and Wirecast. In the specific case of mimoLive, offloading encoding to external hardware seems to have spared me of CPU bottlenecks and problems with thermal throttling that can occur, especially with laptops like my MacBook Pro.

Danny, Thanks for your input. Indeed, an external encoder is taking load off the Mac and as such probably increases reliabilty.

That said, we use mimoLive a lot to stream to YouTube and when there were issues, they were always connected to bandwidth being not sufficient.

You don’t need to use the APIs for streaming to YouTube or Facebook. You can work around them by using the RTMPS stream URL and stream key and copy them into mimoLive from the respective web pages. But you have to use the API to get comments, reactions and other information from the stream. Using the API to set up the stream is also more convenient, because rather than to copy the stream key and URL you can just select the destination from a popup menu in mimoLive.

You’re correct. This is a pain.

Seems to be working today. Perhaps the limits have been raised or I hit it at just the right time. Was still getting the warning yesterday but it worked great today.

As usual, the app is great all day, can connect to YouTube and then right before my show the API limit is reached.

Has anyone found a workaround for this issue? Perhaps using different software that then feeds into mimoLive? Not being able to feature comments on screen is really hampering my show.

Now that everyone is rushing into Live Streaming I don’t see this problem getting better.

I’m sorry about the troubles. We will take steps to reduce the usage of the YouTube API. However, YouTube also tends to reduce the Quotas if we do that to match the new usage… Duh.

The workaround is documented here:

I hope this helps.