Your system has run out of application memory

“To avoid problems with your computer quit any application you are not using”. Not sure to have had this problem before MacOs Mojave. But now I got this message several times during composing the annual review of my family diary.
My iMac’s memory is 16 GB and has 474 GB free space on HD, much enough for swap area. FotoMagico5 Pro 5.6.4 is using 1,33 GB (shown in activity app).

@willyman Thanks for being a FotoMagico user. I’m sorry to hear about the issues.

If FotoMagico is only using 1.33 GB then the issue is most likely with another app. Can you post a screenshot of the Memory pane in the Activity Monitor app?

enter image description here

enter link description here

standard apps that are normally opened daily. None of them uses more than normal memory

@willyman Can you look at the “Activity Monitor” app? This will give you more info about what’s going on with the memory. What versions of FotoMagico and the OS are you using?

my observation maybe wrong, but it looks like that my iTunes and/or iPhoto are theresponsible reason. No idea what im.edia.Folder in 1st line contains, but it is a huge file increasing bigger and bigger while Fotomagico 5 is opened. see enter link description here

sorry wrong link
enter image description here

additional information: im.Edia.Folderis is opened together with Fotomagico. Normally this folder is not opened

@willyman Ah, thanks for the updates. The im.edia.Folder is a helper app that allows FotoMagico to access your photos. I’m sorry that it misbehaves on your machine. Can you give me more details, please, so that the engineers can investigate? What version of the OS are you running?

@willyman I just now made the connection to your emails to me… :slight_smile: So I know what system you’re using. Sorry. Engineering is looking at the problem already.

I’m using: macOs 10.14.2 on a
Mac (27", Ende 2013), 3,2 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1024 MB

For me FM5 has a life of its own, last night I opened a new, empty slideshow and then went to bed. This morning the following situation was compared to yesterday (I copied the 4 screenshots together):