Xkeys 80 problem after update to 5.3.1

I just upgraded from version 4.7.3 to 5.3 on my iMac running Mojave.

I’m now having a strange problem when Mimo launches.
As soon as I launch Mimo the Xkeys 80 acts like I’m constantly pushing a key down off & on. This causes the Mac repeating sound on like a key is being pressed to often (bonk, bonk, bonk…). Then when I try to pick my Mimo project, when I mouse over my project to select it the iMac pops up “open in finder”. If I press any key on the xkeys80 it stops and everything is normal. This did not happen until I upgraded. I don’t know if this has anything to do with Xkeys support in Mimo or not. I do have xkeys controlmate helper software running as this is needed to run my xkeys scripts.

Hi, Thank you for using mimoLive and for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about the troubles.

The issue might be related to the fact that both Controller Mate and mimoLive are accessing the X-keys SDK. Did you configure a control surface in your mimoLive document to correspond to the X-keys?

No I don’t have any x-keys control surfaces configured in mimoLive. The problem happens before I even launch my mimolive document.
It starts at the document selection window that pops up as soon as I open mimoLive. Then, once I push a any key on the x-keys80 the problem goes away and everything works fine.