X-Keys XK-80 Keypad bug on MimoLive startup

I have a strange problem with my X-Keys MK-80 keypad when MimoLive 1st starts up.The iMac makes a sound like someone is holding a keydown indefinitely which of course there not. It changes the menus in the MimoLive program (see attached photo)

If I press any key on the X-Keys keypad the problem goes away and everything works fine and the menu goes back to normal. Happens everytime I start MimoLive. I disabled all Controllermate scripts but that didn’t help. I upgraded to 5.8 but still have the problem.

Not sure what else to try? Help please?

This is very strange as the macOS apparently thinks the “Option” key is pressed constantly. I don’t think that’s something mimoLive should be able to cause. Does it also happen if you do not open a document or if you open a new document?

You can also try to use the “Reset mimoLive…” command in the “Window” menu to see if it goes away, but that will remove all the settings from mimoLive.

We will also try to reproduce this here. Can you please let me know what macOS version you’re using?

@AL210 I spoke with engineering. We had a similar issue once with a test unit which had previously been used and programmed by another customer before we got the unit. The solution was to reset it to factory defaults. I’m not sure how this is done exactly, so please contact PI Engineering (makers of X-keys).

Thanks for the help!

Here is what I found upon further testing.

  1. Opening MimoLive without a document or a blank document causes the same issue.

  2. I reset the Xkeys using the PI Engineering software. That did not help.

  3. Heres what I did find and maybe I’m using this X-Keys the wrong way. I’m using the Controllermate software on the Mac to map the Keys from the X-Keys keypad and also light the LED lights on the X-Keys. If I turn off all my Controllermate programming scripts the issue goes away but of course the X-Keys no longer works.

Okay, so it’s not just me. I have an Xkeys 16-button bar and was having same issue, and am also running Controllermate, but for a different software (Hauptwerk virtual organ).

If Controllermate is off, does the Xkeys now work in mimoLive for you?

@undercrank @AL210 mimoLive has its own method of talking to the Xkeys. You can set up a Remote Control Surface and map it onto an Xkeys keyboard. This is very powerful. The Xkeys LEDs will reflect the live indicator you select in the Remote Control Surface, making it unnecessary to use external scripts.